Go to language classes to review the bases

Go to language classes to review the bases

The level of the students in Language has dropped considerably. Students make many more absences today than 20 years ago.

Going to language classes to review the bases therefore allows solving doubts that would partly explain a less advanced school rhythm. It would not only be about working more, but above all about working better.

A private language teacher  has the pedagogy and knowledge necessary for effective learning, and can therefore help the student to consolidate their level of Spanish.

To master your mother tongue, you have to control the basic rules:

  1. Grammar rules: these basic notions will help the student to express himself better, both orally and in writing.
  2. Conjugation : conjugation errors are common, both in children and adolescents. The teacher will have to take time to review the verbs of the different groups and will give his student the techniques to use the appropriate time.
  3. The spelling : making use of a dictionary and doing dictations , the tutor will help you avoid common misspellings. In addition, it will be able to use the etymology of the words to advance you even further. 

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