God of war dragon son in law

    God of war dragon son in law

    In this article, I will tell you complete information about the god of war dragon son-in-law.

    God of war dragon son in law

    How dare you beat me?

    I’m not finished with you.

    HOLY Shit! Is he CRAZY? To get a job in YUNHAI City how will he be able to the city after beating brother Li?

    Anyway, he’s just a useless waste, so he’ll be ruined!

    Do you dare to hit me?

    In YUNHAI City I’m one of the most respected people and I’m working with the Ranging Group.

    You, you mere wage-earner, better watch your step!

    PFF Cough!

    You think that just because you have achieved some success, you can use your classmate’s reunions as a tool to show off your power and a platform for bullying and revenue!

    You are enjoying yourself. Off it hurts, it hurts.

    The first thing you try to do is to try to take revenge on me, you are still hoping that you will be able to restore your embarrassment that has because of me, your cheek.

    If you still want to dwell on what happened back then…

    Then listen to me carefully!

    Five years ago I could have crushed you beneath my feet

    Today Five years later

    It’s the same as before.

    Brother Jiang, you are awesome!

    You beat that Grandson Li Lwei into Submission and let’s see if he dares to pretend to be a tough GUY In the Future.

    What do you mean by small”? That was awesome!

    People like Him always trouble people, but not many dare to do anything for real. You are The Coolest person I have ever met in my life seriously!

    If it wasn’t for the investment, I would have gone up there and punched him in the face as well.

    Speaking of investments, Howzat

    Brother Jiang we Brothers can finally have a good chat with each other, so let’s not bring it up anymore.

    I was trying to say that.

    Bore Jiang

    I don’t regret it, even if the investment has gone to waste, I have no regrets.

    It’s been a Tough Day today.

    It was quite refreshing to see that basted got beaten Yo so badly that even his mother wouldn’t recognize him.

    But Brother Jiang, I am afraid to go home.

    I don’t know how I am going to face my wife Ana’s children

    Come on, now look at all that you have accomplished.

    Don’t Cry, I’ll have someone in the contract for you right now.

    Zhang Miao, there are two things I need to do.

    One, I will have Amy’s classmates lie about how to visit Ranging Tomorrow so you have this investment contract signed!

    Tow, check if there is a recent partnership with a company that has a person named Li Lwei and Cancel the Partnership with them.

    Okay President Jiang as of now, we are going to terminate our cooperation with the Jingo Company immediately.

    Brother Li, I’ll take you back to your home.

    Brother Li be careful

    Damn it, that waste bastard Jiang is finished.

    Wait and see how I get someone to fix him for you when I get back.

    This time Jiang Beechen has gotten ahead of Himself.

    He is already a grown man and he still only knows how to fight… No Winder he’s still just a waste.

    Let’s go, let’s go. Let’s not get involved with him anymore, or else we’ll get in trouble.

    God of war dragon son in law
    God of war dragon son in law

    What contract has been canceled? How can that be possible?

    They had agreed to invest in our company

    Then you should ask yourself, you offended the e [son whom you shouldn’t have soared to offense, how you possible can offend the boss of Ranging? Go Eat Dog Shit, I’ll beat the shit out of you.

    What if you did not have enough o the beer bottle you just has on your head in the restaurant?

    Not! I’m here to apologize for what I did.

    What happened just before was my fault; I was blind and didn’t know about brother Jiang.

    Oh no, it’s president Jiang

    President Jiang is now the owner of Ranging, and I will make it up to you for what I did to you.

    I Cnut believe even after he suffered such a big blow, h still thought of getting me investment, eyeing Jiang Beechen for any logger will only add more trouble to me. dfaho

    You are back just in time, let’s discuss the divorce.

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