Son-in-law above them all ch 1

    Son-in-law above them all ch 1

    In this article, we will discuss all the son law above them all ch 1 its summary and what will happen in it. You will be seen many websites that will provide you the complete detail about the son-in-law above them all ch 1. In this article, I will tell you the detail about the son-in-law above them all ch 1.

     Discuss the summary of the son-in-law above them all ch 1

    Qin Li, in which Qin Li’s parents will be, disappear, and as a mysterious old man, he also happens to practice silently for ten years after receiving the secret exercise. And the Chu Qingyin he will be married to her later, and of the world then he also tested the warmth. And after ten years of success, the Qin Li also began the Counterattack.

    Story of the Son-in-law above them all ch 1:

    Why you are the one who has come to pick me up? Chu Zitan

    Qin li what are you standing there for? Even after living and eating at our Chu household for the last many years, you still can’t find a job. Ad listen to me Qin Li. When you are coming to pick me up, from my school you will stay further away so to see you my classmate won’t have to. And she whispered that I don’t know what my sister was thinking, giving me a brother-in-law like time

    Then coming to CHU Household: The house of the Chu Household was made beautifully, and they beautifully decorated it.

    Surely enough aunties weren’t making a mistake back them. Ming Halo’s Talents are unparalleled!

    If I hadn’t gone abroad for getting a higher education, maybe I would be in the place of that mute right Now.

    And why you are the one who has come to pick me up? Chu Zitan

    Qin li what are you standing there for? Even after living and eating at our Chu household for the last many years, you still can’t find a job.

    Qin Li’s Mother-in-Law Hand Ying Chu said. Well, she has not come back from the company yet.

    Auntie, what about her? Why can’t I see ether now? Chu Qingyin one of my childhood friends Minghao

    He further asked, what about tithe Chu Qingyin partner? I heard that he is staying at home because he is slow-witted and incapable of peaking. I also want to meet with Chu Qingyin’s husband, your Son-In-Law who can win the over Qingyin in a state like that.

    That simple-minded mute Qin Li you speak just for came back with Zitan. I don’t know what he is doing at home all day long. Honestly, I’m just waiting for Chu Qingyin to divorce him. Chu Qingyin’s mother said to her friends. Then she said to Qin Li, come downstairs to see the guests. So, after coming shut-in wishing your room and won’t come out to see people?

    He may not listen to any of the words of his mother-in-law, Chu Zitan then said to, Qin Li, are you deaf Now? Don’t you hear my mother calling you? And go to the room of the Qin Li and said, if you are a part of this family then you should last like a family member. The Qin Li was busy with his spiritual act that hi practicing for ten years. Then she comes back to the room and said Ash, you can’t UT on the clothes? Scoundrel!!

    He slowly opens his eyes and him those ten years. All that practicing. Off I have not spoken for ten years. It’s a long-lost feeling

    Qin li, Gta your ASS out here

    Qin Li, how many times you will force me to fee you? He may lay down the storied. Hi, smother0-in-law said ar you deaf now too?

    The friend of Chu Qingyin started communicating with Qin Li, and said okay you are Qin Li? Hello, I am Liu Minghao.

    He comes close to Qin Li, and said I heard you are mute, and you rely on Chu Qingyin since you don’t have a Job? He shar hands with Qin Li and said what a waste, don’t go thinking you are a hard person to read, He Further said to Qin Li, that you are just choosing the Chu family for their asserts, otherwise uo do not deserve it at all,… If I will be given you the 1000,000 Right now, and you leave the Chu Family Forever?

    EH? How would you like that?

    AH, how rude of me, My name is Qin Li. Qin Li speak, and the mother-in-law and the Chu Qingyin were in shock and said, Qin Li you did just speak?

    Son-in-law above them all ch 1
    Son-in-law above them all ch 1

    The friends asked him, that so they can talk.

    Being able to speak yet paying an absolute idiot, you lair! Don’t you feel ashamed of yourself for paying Chu Qingyin all these years?

    Mother-in-law said the knock it off Qin Li.

    Zitan received a call and said my sister, Qin Li asked Zitan what happened with Chu Qingyin, she said police arrested her and some problem will occur in the open.

    Miss mother-in-law asked Qin Li where are you going Qin Li? Get back here and do some housework. Shame on you for just running off like this.

    The friend of Chu Qingyin asked auntie what happened with Chu Qingyin. She said something was wrong with the Chu Qingyin company. Patrols surrounded the building and said they would take Chu Qingyin away. He said, don’t worry my family has some connection, we can work out for this. Let’s go over and determine the situation first.

    On the other side of the SKY Hawk corporation

    In tHe company, girls asked him to a one million. Chu Qingyin SAID THAT ONE MULLION? YOU DEMAND AN EXABITANT SUM OF Money

    And in them the other one also said that just hearing Chu Qingyin out, many people are using this cosmetic product.

    But since this condition is unique to you, her products aren’t the cause.

    And it, just so happened that I’m acquainted with the head of the patrolmen

    The girls said the director? How cute. Let me tell you, myna eSIM Liu Wan, and Mayor Liu to Yangchuan is my cousin.

    His friend said what? The Mayor? Is not his position higher than anyone else sin Yangchuan? Chu Qingyin SAID. MS Liu,

    Ten minutes I want to give all of you. dfaho

    If I can treat the pustules on our face in that time, can you be willing to drop this matter? Qin Li said.


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