How much do private Chemistry classes cost?

How much do private Chemistry classes cost?

School support is a lucrative business. The 44% of students Spanish resort to private lessons to reinforce the education they receive in schools, colleges and universities, the second highest in Europe behind Greece (74%), and families often spend an average of 700 euros per student .

Since demand often exceeds supply, prices can become quite high. The price of the classes will vary significantly depending on several factors: where you live, the level of help you need, your level of studies, etc. Let’s see how much private chemistry classes cost !

One-on-one tutoring is the most expensive option, but it is arguably also the most efficient form of teaching, as the teacher focuses entirely on you during the lesson. These classes can be priced between € 10 and € 30.  Keep in mind that prices will be higher in big cities like Madrid or Barcelona than in smaller cities and towns.

The private lessons online in Chemistry are also an excellent choice. You can receive them in two different ways: by joining an educational platform or through Skype .

If you join an online tutoring educational platform , you will have access to extensive and comprehensive Chemistry resources that include lessons, flashcards, exercises, and practice tests. Most of these platforms also have teachers to answer questions and help you with anything you don’t understand.

If you choose to take distance classes, your private teacher will surely give you a discount with respect to face-to-face classes, since it saves the time and money that it would take to travel to your home. As in a face-to-face class, you will practice with Chemistry exercises and your private teacher will answer all the questions you may have.

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