Jobs you can do with a degree in Chemistry

Jobs you can do with a degree in Chemistry

If you are not sure whether Chemistry is the most suitable option for you, we invite you to reflect for a moment on the jobs you could do with a degree in Chemistry .

Study general chemistry, understand atomic structure, be able to explain the rules of thermodynamics and thermochemistry or understand the concept of composition of acids and bases and the intermolecular forces involved in an ionic solution … This is what it means to be a chemist.

Chemicals are in high demand around the world . From the agrochemical and petrochemical industries to pharmaceutical companies, chemistry is one of the most innovative scientific fields in which you can work.

With worldwide concern about the use of fossil fuels and their effects on the environment, there are many chemists who are working on the development of alternative fuel sources . The same happens with plastic products derived from the petrochemical industry. More and more money is being invested in research into  more biodegradable and environmentally friendly packaging . Environmental consultants are also among the most in-demand jobs right now.

But a chemistry degree can lead to much more than that. Chemicals are also needed in medicine, nanotechnology, and forensic science. You could help cure cancer or solve a crime.

As you can see, Chemistry graduates have many options when it comes to putting their knowledge into practice once they leave university. Jobs you can do with a degree in Chemistry

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