Do you want to learn to program? More and more of us are interested in the fascinating world of programming . Either as a hobby , out of curiosity or because you want to focus your professional career on the technology sector . We give you the keys to take the first step and learn to program.

What is programming?: How to learn to program?

Although it may seem that programming is reserved for “scholars” only, we must simplify this topic by defining programming as a set of instructions that we give to a machine (computer) to solve a problem . The result gives rise to what we know as a program.

Computers are super powerful machines, capable of performing very complex calculations in a matter of seconds, displaying images and videos, processing and storing huge amounts of data, among other functions. But they cannot make decisions or “think” like a human being does.

Programming allows us to communicate with computers in order to transmit these “instructions” to them, by means of programming languages (we can compare them with languages) that are pre-designed or programmed and that do not give rise to errors or ambiguities.

The increase in programming is a reality, and because computers and devices are increasingly present in our daily lives , both professional and personal, we can see that programming is everywhere. Softwares, web pages, desktop programs, mobile applications, video games, training, industrial production, robotics, among others, are programmed (by a human being who does think) to fulfill a goal and facilitate tasks.

The objective of programming is the resolution of problems by means of instructions or algorithms that we define in the different programming languages ​​and that in turn is compiled by an interpreter or computer program that translates it into machine language so that it can be understood and executed. By the computer.

With programming we will learn to propose new ways of solving problems and to structure our minds.

Programming Fundamentals: How to learn to program?

The first step to start programming from scratch is knowing the basics of programming . That is, the basic rules that all programming languages ​​comply with and that will allow us to create programs that work.

It is very important to know these fundamentals well because if we do not start here we run the risk of becoming frustrated. Later, we will have to learn all the syntax and construction rules of the computer language that we use.

Before starting to develop a program, we must consider the following:

  • Objective : what the program has to do
  • Program structure (as simple and optimal as possible)
  • Divide the problem into sections : Main algorithm, more or less relevant process algorithms.

Programming languages: How to learn to program?

Once we have mastered the fundamentals of programming, we can consider developing programs using a programming language.

Here arises the universal dilemma of which is the programming language that I should learn first?

To make your decision, the first thing you should do is set your goal for programming. Depending on the type of project you want to carry out or the sector in which you want to work, you will choose a programming language to specialize and learn to mince code.

Opting for a programming course that is oriented to objectives such as web development, application development, video games, among others, will allow us to learn in an orderly way and maintain our motivation, since we will see results immediately.

The best way to learn to program is a quality training that ensures you an accompaniment, a learning route and the correction of your exercises to know your mistakes and your successes.

There are many different programming languages, and as we have mentioned, each one will allow you to improve the development of the project. The most used in 2019 were Java, PHP, JavaScript, C / C ++, Python, Visual Basic .NET, SQL and Swift.

Java, a very popular language: How to learn to program?

Java is one of the most widespread programming languages globally , it is used to create applications and the demand for programmers who dominate this ecosystem is very high, thanks to its popularity. With a Java course you can learn to develop all kinds of software for desktop, web and mobile.

Java programmer

Tokio School

Java programmer

Javascript, web dynamism: How to learn to program?

Javascript is a goal-oriented programming language on the client side or Front-end , whose objective is to create a more attractive, intuitive and easy web development . Thanks to this language, web pages have become more dynamic and have a more pleasant user experience.

PHP – Powerful and dynamic web pages

PHP is an open source language, free to use and widely used in web development. We can consider it one of the simplest languages ​​to start programming , and it is also widely used nationally and internationally. It is used on the server side or Back-end, to generate dynamic web pages where the information comes from the database. It is also a language that we can link with other programming languages ​​such as Java or Javascript.

Taking a PHP course will allow us to enter a sector with great labor demand and master web development , which is already a need for both small and large companies.




Visual Basic.NET, the Windows language

Visual, also known as VB.NET, is the programming language developed by Microsoft. It is one of the most popular, thanks to its simple and intuitive design , because it is very easy to learn to program with VB and because it allows you to develop desktop applications for business use.

If you want to become a specialist in the Microsoft environment , a good way to start is by taking a specialized course in Visual Basic.NET .

Visual Basic.NET Advanced


Visual Basic.NET Advanced

Evolution of the sector and employment trends

It is always a good option, to consult the data of the sector at a national and global level to see what are the trends of profiles and most demanded programming languages . It will be a good way to guide our ICT career and get a good job.

According to the IT employment indicators, in the first quarter of 2020 in Spain, the most demanded positions in the technology sector were programmer, programmer analyst and computer systems administrator.

Also, the most demanded technologies are Java, Javascript, SQL, MySQL, and .NET. Where the autonomous communities in which more companies demand tech profiles are Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencian Community and Galicia. How to learn to program?