How to calculate faster than a calculator?

How to calculate faster than a calculator?

In support classes, homework help, private lessons, math classes at school or online, the opportunities to calculate are numerous (from elementary school to high school): to support a proof, make an arithmetic progression, a logarithm, in physics and chemistry, to solve a second degree equation, find the square root, make a differential equation, with a complex number, a whole number, relative numbers … If not, we will help you with math classes online .

But how to buy time to calculate faster ?

Start by reviewing the basics of mental math: multiplication tables, addition, division, subtraction, and square roots up to 15. To learn them by heart. We also advise you to have a math teacher help you for this, in private classes at home. In order for that teacher to give you the keys. That will allow you to “upgrade” your brain. A Californian study has established that the human brain has a memory and file capacity of around 1 petabyte (equal to 10 to the 15th power). But being the new information so numerous every day, it is about  updating to progress in mathematics !How to calculate faster than a calculator?

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