How to get a good grade in Selectividad

How to get a good grade in Selectividad

The math test is usually one of the most feared by students. But if you follow these tips, you will be able to get a good grade on the Selectivity Mathematics exam :

  1. Don’t make any guesswork about what will come out on the exam.

It is a common mistake: to make guesses about the subjects that can come out on the exam and leave subjects unstudied. Don’t risk it! You cannot know for sure what will appear on the exam.

  1. Make summaries.

As in history or other subjects, making summaries to study will help you collect the concepts acquired throughout the year. Use colors, highlight the important points, and read them regularly.

  1. Practice with tests from previous years.

The Selectivity exams from previous years are like the bible for any 2nd year high school student. You will be able to better prepare for the exam and know exactly the type of questions that may appear.

  1. Get organized well.

The best way to avoid stress the day before the exam is to plan well in advance. Establish a reasonable and regular study schedule starting in April, and don’t skip it! Do not forget to add spaces to rest and thus be more effective when studying.

  1. Use a private teacher.

The pedagogical approach of a private teacher is completely individualized. Therefore, the private classes are adapted to your pace and your level, which will help you perfect your math skills and even get honors in Selectividad!

It is never too late to learn math. If basic math for adults appeals to you, don’t hesitate to contact our teachers. How to get a good grade in Selectividad

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