How to learn math alone?

How to learn math alone?

Learning mathematics in elementary school, college, high school or university does not allow you to see all the topics in depth.

The math teacher must respect the school program and keep a certain pace.

Be autonomous in your learning.
Study and review alone, do you think it is impossible? Get away with it …

To review certain points (affine functions, theorems, scalar product, integer, comprehension, vocabulary, arithmetic …), of course we can turn to private tutors. But not everyone can afford it. Why not then learn math alone ?

To achieve this, several qualities are required:

  • Have good personal resources,
  • Multiply the learning pathways,
  • Integrate your learning into a process, like e-learning.
In terms of e-learning, you can trust MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). Most are in English, but there are some in Spanish. It is simply about  online math classes through videos.
Perfect for reviewing different subjects: multiplication tables, math exercises, geometry, multiplication, algebra, arithmetic, trigonometry, mental calculation, Pythagoras, Thales, square root, right triangle, literal calculation, prime numbers, Euclidean division …
In addition, to learn alone, we cite 5 essential stages:
  • Increase your motivation,
  • Always keep in touch with your teacher’s classes,
  • Reactivate your memory: it is very important to retain all the formulas, theorems and classes of the math teacher,
  • Reuse what you know
  • Review long term. How to learn math alone?

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