How to learn Russian alone?

How to learn Russian alone?

The first question that you have to take into account if you decide to start learning Russian in a self-taught way is to know what your level is.

Are you a beginner? Do you already have some notions of Russian? Do you want to improve your oral expression or your written expression? Have you learned another foreign language?

So: what is your goal?

Become bilingual? Get on well in a conversation with a friend? Go on a trip to Russia? You don’t know how to get somewhere and you want to learn how to ask it in Russian?

Once you answer these questions, you will be clear from where you should start.

Make a hole in the library

Your best allies will be books, who will accompany you in your learning of Russian.

We recommend, above all, the Assimilate method that combines the written and oral part to progress more quickly, improving oral comprehension and expression, as well as Russian pronunciation. His methodology has proven invaluable and spaced repetition is an advantage in language learning.

Speak Russian

Do you want to learn to speak Russian?
You speak Russian?

Learning alone doesn’t mean you have to isolate yourself. In fact, if you find a Russian speaker to exchange and improve your oral expression in Russian, you will be facing a great opportunity to progress quickly.

If you can’t do it face to face, why not do it on Skype? Facebook forums and groups also bring together thousands of people willing to help you with your Russian vocabulary in exchange for learning the basics of Spanish.

Why not schedule a weekly meeting  to improve language skills more quickly?

Surfing the Internet

Internet sites are also a great ally for people who decide to learn Russian on their own. Taking an online Russian course has the advantage of being able to study anywhere: on your computer, on your tablet or on your smartphone … There are many alternatives.

Forget all the sites that promise to learn Russian in just ten lessons or a week. Learning a language requires rigor, discipline and time, especially if there is motivation and passion.

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