How to learn Spanish quickly

How to learn Spanish quickly

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Speaking Spanish thanks to movies and cinema
Learn to speak Spanish with a private teacher
How to become bilingual in Spanish
Speak Spanish: how to get it thanks to the applications
How to learn to speak Spanish quickly
How to learn Spanish effectively ? How to master the language of Cervantes and be able to speak Spanish fluently ?
Learn the exceptions of a grammar rule, conjugation and irregular verbs, practice the pronunciation of consonants and vowels, intonations, concordances, accents … The list is very long.
Spanish may not be as difficult to learn as Chinese or Arabic, but there are also many difficulties in assimilating all its subtleties and becoming bilingual.
Are you motivated?
Are you already learning Spanish as a foreign language with group classes?
Do you have notions and need to catch up?

Speaking Spanish thanks to movies and cinema

Forget about your Spanish lessons and exercises for a moment and relax a little while working your oral comprehension in front of a good Spanish movie  in its original version.
Studying Spanish through cinema  can be done regardless of your language level.
Eight Basque surnames, the highest grossing Spanish film.
If you have a beginner level (A1 or A2), obviously you will have to put the subtitles, but little by little, as you go up to the intermediate level (B1 or B2) and then to the advanced level (C1 or C2), you will be able to watch the movies without having to put them on or stop a scene because you did not understand it, and you will simply enjoy the movie.
At first, you will have to make great efforts to learn not to watch the subtitles too much , but you will see that it is a very instructive exercise, essential for a good learning of the language.
Watching Spanish movies to learn to speak the language fluently is  a very beneficial learning method  in more ways than one, as you will be able to learn to:
Familiarize yourself with the sounds of the Spanish language  (pronunciation, phonetics, intonation, accent …).
Enrich your vocabulary : you quickly learn new words when they are placed in context, as is the case in a movie. You will also discover many idiomatic expressions.
Discover Spanish culture  through the seventh art: language and culture go hand in hand, so by watching Spanish films, you will improve your general culture about Spain, its history, its traditions and its lifestyle.
Discovering the spoken language:  while the Spanish learning books show a formal language, in the movies, you will be able to discover the different registers of the language.
For this technique to be effective, think that the key is repetition. Schedule a movie session several times a week to make rapid progress in Spanish. And take notes to learn certain words or phrases after watching the movie.
Take a look at the most valued Spanish films and learn Spanish thanks to the cinema!

Learn to speak Spanish with a private teacher

Another tip to progress faster in Spanish: take classes with a teacher . It is the most effective way to learn to communicate in Spanish for several reasons.
First, you benefit from individual teaching and  personalized follow-up, adapted to your level  and your goals. In general, a private Spanish teacher will begin by making a first assessment through a Spanish level test, and will also learn to get to know you better.
Private Spanish classes will help you progress faster.
In addition, you will benefit from teaching adapted to your needs, but above all, you will  develop a trusting relationship  with your teacher, which will allow you to more easily address the notions that are most difficult for you or that are of special interest to you.
If, for example, you plan to go abroad, live in Spain or study Spanish in Madrid, taking private Spanish classes for foreigners with a native teacher will help you get your questions answered. In this way, you will have a valuable help to prepare for your future life change:
How to integrate in Spain?
What are the cultural habits to know?
What is the Spanish way of life?
How to learn to carry on a conversation in Spanish?
In short, taking private Spanish classes implies  progressing faster and more efficiently  with respect to a specific goal, such as improving speaking skills. While in a group class you may have difficulties practicing your oral expression, with private classes it is easier to overcome your fears and practice much more.
If you feel that you are no longer making progress in your Spanish learning and you are stuck, turning to a specialized teacher to take individual classes is a guarantee of success to improve your skills and speak Spanish more easily.


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