ELE, definition and presentation

ELE, definition and presentation

ELE, Spanish as a Foreign Language, refers to the Spanish language when taught to non-native speakers.
The classes ELE are addressed to all, and you too if you want to learn to speak Spanish or Castilian consolidate your level.
The teaching of ELE has a professional, cultural, tourist or social objective according to the type of interested public.
Are you looking for ELE classes to become a teacher of Spanish as a foreign language in the future?
Are you looking for Spanish teachers who teach quality classes so that you can progress in Spanish as a second foreign language?
Do you suffer from dyslexia and need an update in Spanish? In Superprof, you can find a native teacher who will help you achieve your goals.

ELE private classes with Superprof: ELE, definition and presentation

Our ELE teachers are teachers with experience in the field of teaching, people born in Spain or in another Spanish-speaking country and graduates in Hispanic Philology or similar .
Each Spanish teacher will have a way of teaching and will have a specialty.
Therefore, do not hesitate to visit the profiles of all of them to find the teacher that suits you best ! Whatever your goals, most ELE teachers teach all levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.
In addition, the objectives of each student are very varied: perfect oral expression, master Spanish writing, feel more comfortable when communicating, progress in conjugation (tenses, modes, verbs), consolidate grammar points or improve written comprehension. , among others, etc.
Take an intensive course! It may be the perfect occasion to take a level test and discover Spanish culture and great authors.

The ELE classes, who are they aimed at?

The Spanish class can be aimed at people in a situation of social exclusion: some 600,000 people in Spain are illiterate .
Therefore, taking private ELE classes could help reduce the illiteracy rate.
Also, sign up for ELE classes if you are a student whose mother tongue is Spanish and you love to travel.
Your level of the Cervantes language will allow you to teach Spanish to foreigners and appreciate the Spanish culture outside your country or hometown.
A private teacher can help you prepare for the DELE (Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language) exam according to your level, from the most basic level A1 to the most advanced C2.
So that?
To acquire the necessary didactic and pedagogical elements and the basic knowledge of the Spanish language – grammar, pronunciation, spelling, alphabet and vocabulary – necessary to be able to teach Spanish as a foreign language to non-Spanish speakers.
A season in Spain? Foreign people who wish to settle in Spain for a season usually want to master the language as a native to become bilingual in Spanish.
The language of Cervantes has a reputation for being difficult to learn. Although there are many schools and language academies that teach Spanish classes, our ELE teachers will know how to adapt the classes to your level and objectives .
This is the advantage of ELE classes at home or through a webcam: the private class optimizes learning thanks to a personalized pedagogical method that helps the student progress quickly.

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