How to make your students passionate about Mathematics

How to make your students passionate about Mathematics

Knowing how to get  your students passionate about  math is probably one of your first questions, because you really want your math course to be exciting.

This is exactly what a mathematics teacher at   an Aubervilliers institute tried to do  , proposing a somewhat peculiar exercise in a mathematics exam. His students had to determine, using their skills in geometry,  the level of perfection of the famous dab-dance of footballer Paul Pogba.

Tips for math teachers
Take a fun approach to math.

On the same exam, students had to assess their “own swag level ” by means of a  problem with relative numbers.

Using humor and references that students can understand, the teacher was able to demonstrate to her students that  Mathematics is an integral part of our lives.

To make your students passionate, you can make them laugh, but you must also adopt a pedagogical approach:

  • Combine theory with practice  in each lesson, that is, propose mathematical exercises for each of the concepts covered
  • Repeat the lesson as many times as necessary to ensure that all students have understood the use of the formulas you have explained
  • Listen to your students,  and above all answer all their questions and show empathy How to make your students passionate about Mathematics

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