How to prepare the opposition to the State Security Forces and Bodies?

How to prepare the opposition to the State Security Forces and Bodies?

Would you like to be part of the State Security Forces and Bodies ? If you have the vocation and you are clear about it, it is your time to prepare for the FCSE competitions that are convened annually. Here we tell you everything you need to know to approve your opposition to Police, Civil Guard, Firefighter, Military, etc …


Security Forces and Bodies: What do I need to know?: How to prepare the opposition to the State Security Forces and Bodies?

Before delving deeper, we must differentiate who the Security Forces and Bodies are and what they do , in order to understand their differences and similarities, in addition to knowing with greater certainty which oppositions interest you the most.

The Security Forces and Bodies guarantee citizen security and protect the free exercise of rights and freedoms. There are different administrative levels in the FFCCSE:

  • National: At the national level and depending on the Ministry of the Interior are  the National Police Corps (CNP) and the Civil Guard. 
  • Autonomous: Some autonomous communities have their own autonomous police, independent from the national police, such as Ertzaintza (Basque Country), Mossos d’esquadra (Catalonia), Foral Police (Navarra) or the Canary Islands General Police Corps .
  • Local:  They depend on each municipality and are known as local, municipal or urban police.
  • Firefighters : They depend on each community or some specific city councils such as Barcelona.
  • Forest Agents : They also depend on each autonomous community.
  • Army : Corps of the Spanish Armed Forces, with its different scales and positions (Troop and Navy, Army NCOs)

How can I work as a Police, Firefighter or military?: How to prepare the opposition to the State Security Forces and Bodies?

If you already have a vocational dose and would like to join the FFCCSE, you will have to pass the competitive examinations that are convened each year to obtain your permanent place . Each administrative level that we have mentioned has a particular selection process , for this reason the first thing you should do is choose the Corps you want to access (Civil Guard, National, Autonomous or Local Police) and within each corps you will be able to oppose their different scales.

To prepare and successfully pass the competitive examinations that will allow you to obtain a permanent position in one of the security forces and have a stable salary and quality of life, the best way we can recommend you is through training . Taking a course to prepare for examinations for the State Security Forces and Bodies will allow you to study with professionals who will prepare you to achieve your goal: to get your place .

Requirements to oppose the State Security Forces and Bodies.: How to prepare the opposition to the State Security Forces and Bodies?

In the bases of each competitive examination, the necessary requirements are established to be able to access, the syllabi to study and what the tests consist of . All oppositions have common minimum requirements that are:

  • Be of legal age.
  • Have Spanish nationality or belong to one of the member states of the European Union .
  • Lacking record for intentional crimes or been separated from the service of the state.
  • Possess a psycho-physical attitude necessary to be able to present to the convocation and exercise.

Regarding the specific requirements of each level, we can summarize:

Security Forces and BodiesType of oppositionMinimum qualificationHeight min. mensHeight min. women
Civil GuardNationalTHAT160 cm155 cm
National PoliceNationalBaccalaureate / FP170 cm165 cm
Local Police |
P. Municipal Madrid or Catalonia | P. Foral Navarra |
AutonomousBaccalaureate / FP170 cm165 cm
Mossos d’EsquadraAutonomousBaccalaureate / FP165 cm160 cm
Catalunya Local Police | Urban GuardLocalBaccalaureate / FP170 cm165 cm
ErtzaintzaAutonomousCallable to category165 cm160 cm
FiremenAutonomousTHAT165 cm160 cm
Troops and SailorsNationalTHAT160 cm155 cm

How to prepare the opposition to the State Security Forces?

If you have made the decision to take a police exam, you will find yourself with many doubts about which path to choose for your preparation. Our recommendation is, without a doubt, that you opt for a public administration exam preparation course .

The reasons for taking an exam preparation course are that you will prepare for your opposition with the maximum guarantees of success , with all that this entails a permanent position in the state security forces, a stable position and a job opportunity.


You will be trained for each of the opposition tests, with full access to the updated syllabi that you will have to study and with mock exams . Physical tests are important in security examinations and in most of the FFCCSE exam courses you have a nutritional counseling service and a personal trainer that helps you physically prepare for each test.

Studying for an opposition in a training center allows you to prepare with the peace of mind of being with professionals who guide and help you to get your permanent place.

Advantages of being a civil servant and working in the Security Forces and Bodies

Passing public examinations for state security forces goes hand in hand with the advantages of getting a place or a permanent job. We are going to highlight some of those advantages :

  • Economic stability.
  • Good remuneration.
  • Lifetime wage and labor guarantee.
  • Labor rights, internal promotions and the possibility of leaves of absence.
  • Attractive retirement.
  • Conciliation.
Procedural and Administrative Management Body


Procedural and Administrative Management Body

In short, taking a competitive examination against the State Security Forces and Bodies, whether it be a call for national police competitions or firefighter competitions,  will allow you to access a fixed position and practice in a profession that, in addition to great job advantages, provides great personal satisfaction .

To successfully pass the entrance examinations of the call to which you decide to apply, the safest way and with greater guarantees is to do it at the hands of a training center with a specialized course in preparation of oppositions to the security forces where you will study The updated syllabi and you will take tests according to the ones you will find when you appear for the official exams / tests. Preparing your opposition to police, firefighter or military with a course will provide you with all the first-hand information on the number of open positions, the news and notices about dates, the most up-to-date syllabus and all the preparation you need to pass the tests and obtain your square. How to prepare the opposition to the State Security Forces and Bodies?

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