If sport is your passion and you enjoy creating your own tables, analyzing each posture of the body and seeing the positive results of exercising, the profession of personal trainer can become your professional career.


The fitness sector has grown enormously in recent years in Spain, thanks to the increase in gyms, sports centers and the offer of online training. The concern for health, in addition to the “cult of the body” has become widespread and, today, personal trainers are no longer reserved only for a few.

You no longer have to be a personal athlete to go to a physical trainer, to help us achieve our physical goals. The profession of personal trainer has spread, and is experiencing a real boom due to the great demand of these moments.

The keys to success as a coach or personal trainer are the professional’s ability to differentiate and offer complementary activities and services. Therefore, training is very important to become a top personal trainer, capable of creating a good portfolio of satisfied clients.

What does a personal trainer do?: Personal trainer, a booming profession

First of all, a fitness trainer serves as a guide and motivator for the student or client to achieve their performance goals. It adapts and accompanies each student in an individual and personalized way, creating training plans especially for him or her, depending on the objectives to be achieved, their physical form and in case of having any limitation or ailment.

The personal goals to be achieved can be very varied, from bodybuilding or body-builder and weight loss, to recovering from injuries or simply getting in shape. Each client will need an individual, different and personalized program that requires the personal trainer to be very adaptable and empathetic to create the motivation and loyalty of their students.

For this reason, personal training training is very important to offer a quality service and obtain the trust of our students, as well as to qualify for a position in the best sports centers.

Personal trainer


Personal trainer: Personal trainer, a booming profession

Choose our specialty or market niche: Personal trainer, a booming profession

As we have said, each person will have a very different personal objective and will go to the services of a personal trainer with specific needs in which the coach has to be able to adapt .

A good way to guide our career in the sector is to specialize . There are many ways to address a very specific client or with specific objectives, and this begins with training .

Body-builder, injury recovery, aquatic training, nutrition and sports psychology, high-intensity interval training, boxing, directed classes , and a host of other ways to specialize through training . The physical activity sector offers a wide range of possibilities, which you can take advantage of if you decide to orient your professional career towards personal training.

Aquatic Fitness


Aquatic Fitness

Sport Nutrition


Sport Nutrition

Job opportunities: Personal trainer, a booming profession

If we want to become personal trainers we will be able to work on our own or as an employee . It will depend on the degree of risk, creativity and bet that we want to make in our professional career.

  • Self-employed personal trainer:

This option will give you total freedom to organize your workouts and the modality in which you are going to work. The freelance personal trainer has many advantages when it comes to offering your training services.

You will have the option of opening your own training center . If your brand is yourself, a small venue will suffice for reduced training sessions and you will make an initial investment in equipment.

The training at home  is an option highly demanded by those who are unwilling or do not have time to go to the gym. It will require that you have a vehicle to carry the sports equipment that you will need and move from one place to another.

With the rise of videos, social networks and online platforms, exercising at home is an option that is increasingly used by users. Thus, creating your own online channel or platform can become your professional medium. To do this, you can train in digital marketing and thus make sure you take the correct steps when creating your own online fitness brand and thus get loyal customers who will ensure good income.

  • Personal trainer for others:

If you choose to work as an employee, you can work in sports centers, fitness centers, gyms, hotels, nursing homes, etc.

Although we have highlighted the great differences of being a personal trainer on our own or someone else’s, we can choose one or the other option and even combine both , since this profession will allow us to work with very flexible hours .

In conclusion, the profession of personal trainer, coach or personal trainer is a profession with a future . People are giving more and more importance to physical health to combat the whirlwind of our lives and, more and more, we turn to the figure of the personal trainer to guide us to achieve a better life. Personal trainer, a booming profession