How to teach computing to the elderly?

How to teach computing to the elderly?

Reduce the generation gap between the older generation and the famous Millennial Generation, who have grown up with numerical tools, social networks and who do not detach from their mobile phone all day, utopia or reality?

For us it is possible!

More and more retirees are leaving active life while still young.

This phenomenon, combined with that of increasing life expectancy in most European countries, means that their needs will continue to increase in the coming years.

Computer science is a section that they will have to learn to use, since they will need to consult their accounts online, book trips, communicate with their grandchildren on Skype or know how to use a Tablet.

While some older people are reluctant to take computer science classes and learn computer science in general, it’s because they don’t see the interest!

Computer literacy among the elderly.
The oldest are an interesting group for private computer classes. And they want to learn!

Without wanting to transform them into computer engineers, Superprof gives you some tips to teach computer science to the elderly in a fun way.

  • Be patient and persistent with your students. Sometimes, crashes can occur that will require explanations on your part.
  • Always give concrete examples when you teach computer science: Excel , Word, Powerpoint, Photoshop, to name a few … they are not programs that are taught theoretically. Always think of application exercises to put theoretical knowledge and syntax into practice.
  • If you teach web page creation classes, let them practice with the WordPress interface or any other CMS program used , so that your student can experiment for himself,
  • If your intervention deals with a computer installation or maintenance / debugging, teach them how to open a central unit, connect an external hard disk or install the RAM memory. There is a good chance that all these operations will interest them and that they will learn manipulation.

As you can see, computer training is valid at any age, both for active and retired people, young or old, very soon there will be no choice but to handle computer tools even if you live in a small town in La Mancha (we have nothing in against the wonderful La Mancha villages, don’t believe).

Comprehensive computer courses are available on the Internet.

Private classes, exchange of computer courses for cooking classes, introductory computer classes offered in a good number of associations and councils, surely if you are looking you will find someone close to someone who will help you expand your computer skills! How to teach computing to the elderly?

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