The importance of computing today

The importance of computing today

Everyone has internalized that living without the Internet today is a miracle. All of our daily life is organized around computers and more precisely the Internet . For desperate older generations, we have to learn how to use a computer to do all the paperwork: taxes, welfare, job search; everything is computerized.

However, computer tools are sometimes complex to master, even more so when you have not been immersed in new technologies since childhood. Word processors, programming languages, computer networks, algorithms, surfing the Internet, computer security, you have to understand many things to avoid that the monster, which is the web, can with you.

These days, almost all jobs require mastery of office software at a minimum. Employers are also very fond of social networks, whether in hospitality, communications, accounting, tourism, it is impossible not to know about computers.

Although companies sometimes offer computer training, it is still highly recommended to take office automation classes before applying for a job. The importance of computing today

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