Learn computer science for free: how?

Learn computer science for free: how?

Receive free classes to learn the basics of computer science ? Learn a programming language or start web development? It’s possible!!!

Take a tour of social media like Facebook or Twitter first to ask your friends or family for free classes.

Ask your “friends” to reply to you by private message, so as not to fill your wall with dozens of responses or comments.

Suggest exchange classes if you have interesting skills, such as sewing class, dance class (salsa, rock …), language classes (English, French, German, Chinese, Russian, why not?), Or training class! personal!

If the “Network” option does not work, you can also go to the local associations that propose computer classes in their premises.

Often, these are introductory computer classes ( computer architecture, introduction to office programs, learning to navigate the web …).

Attention! Don’t expect to learn the html language or Python syntax in these kinds of courses!

This type of specialized knowledge is proposed in private classes, with computer experts (students from computer schools, master’s degree students in Computer Science or computer workers).

If you want to take excel courses online , do not hesitate to create an account on Superprof.es.

Computer know-it-all.
Dennis Nedry, a computer engineer from Jurassic Park, capable of unlocking 2 million lines of code, before being swallowed by a dilophosaurus!

Superprof shares with you its 100% free numerical workshop plans proposed by associations and councils.

To learn computer science and be a perfect “geek”, you can count on the Internet, which is a mine of information and has thousands of videos and tutorials to develop your knowledge of 2.0.

Just type a few keywords like “computer training”, “computer science”, “computer language” or “learn to code” on YouTube or directly into your search engine.

You will also find pages that offer paid videos to learn how to handle dozens of widely used computer programs, such as:

• Photoshop,
• After Effects,
• Lightroom,
• Illustrator,
• Blender,
• Excel, Word and PowerPoint.

If you want to take an excel course to discover this tool, do not hesitate to contact our teachers. Learn computer science for free: how?

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