What is a hyperprotein regimen?

What is a hyperprotein regimen?

To follow a diet that allows us to lose weight quickly, it is important that we allow ourselves to be advised by a dietitian who knows what is best for us based on our particular metabolism.
Among all the weight loss regimens, one of the most recommended and acclaimed is the: hyperprotein regimen .
This consists of reducing energy consumption by subjecting the body to a diet: we consume foods without carbohydrates or lipids: lean meat (chicken, lean beef, turkey, etc.), fat-free dairy products and eggs.
With this we can quickly notice a weight loss because the body requires more energy to burn proteins than to metabolize the rest of the calories absorbed.

A high protein diet is developed in four phases: What is a hyperprotein regimen?

Pure diet: exclusive protein-based diet.
Selective diet: progressive reintegration of other fatty foods.
Stabilization: consumption of all kinds of food.
Anyway, you have to be careful with deficiencies (fatigue, lack of calcium, kidney overload), because diets do not mean a change for our body. In addition, if we cannot maintain the weight once we have lost the extra kilos, we will suffer the yo-yo effect.
Eggs are the number one food in high protein diets.
A high protein regimen can last from a few days to a month. So, can it really help us lose weight in a lasting way? We may have doubts because, when we have bad eating habits, we do not get used to eating properly, we get ravenous hunger and we jump into whatever we find.

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