Interactions between mathematics and computer science

Interactions between mathematics and computer science

Mathematics and computer science are closely related. They often share the same vocabulary and logic.

In education, a student acquires a great deal of knowledge through math exercises. But what to do with all this knowledge in mathematics after finishing high school or selectivity? An engineering, why not ?, a scientific career, in science and technology, a doctorate, professor of mathematics, competitive examinations …

And why not head to computing? The first computer scientists were mathematicians . The people with the best salaries today are often “geeks” (computer geeks)!

Various studies allow you to mix math and computer science , such as a multimedia master’s degree, a business management master’s degree, or a master’s degree in data processing (data management and database).

The professions associated with these two fields are also very diverse: professors, engineers, researchers, company directors, web developers, programmers, smartphone application developers, university professor, graphic designer, big-data analyst, accounting expert, statistician, broker … Interactions between mathematics and computer science

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