Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton (1642-1727) was not only a mathematician, but also distinguished himself as a physicist, philosopher, and astronomer. Newton was born in Woolsthorpe, Lincolnshire, England.

Raised by his father and maternal grandmother, he was a distracted student in class but very talented at building machines of all kinds for fun.

Great mathematicians and physicists: Isaac Newton.
Do you really know Newton?

His family decided to take him out of school to help out on the family farm; However, a teacher managed to convince her to enroll at Cambridge University . He studied arithmetic, geometry, trigonometry, astronomy, and optics and graduated in 1665 .

Isaac Newton stands out for the discovery of the phenomenon of gravitation . Legend has it that Isaac Newton discovered gravity by watching apples fall in an orchard.

In the field of mathematics, Newton introduced the method of fluxions as well as Newton’s binomial , which shows that the formula “(a + b) n” always holds, regardless of the value of n .

When Newton became a teacher, he used his spare time to study light and optics. Subsequently, he studied the behavior of white light inside a transparent prism and realized that the light was divided into several beams of different colors.

He used his experiments with light to invent the first reflective telescope, which would be a huge hit in the scientific world at the time. A whole great life as a mathematician ! Isaac Newton

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