The job market has become more competitive than ever because today it is easier to have access to the specific training necessary to perform a certain job.

In the personnel selection processes, not only the technical knowledge of the candidates is taken into account, but also other types of transversal professional skills.

In this way, we can differentiate between hard skills and soft skills , or what is the same: hard and soft skills.

Hard skills and soft skills: The 5 skills most valued by companies in 2021

soft skills valued

Our CV usually shows the knowledge that we have developed throughout our lives, and they will be the first thing to consider if we want to apply for a job. However, your CV may not reflect other types of skills that will be taken into account during an interview, and that will be what differentiate you from other candidates.

In other words, it will be these personal skills that tip the balance in your favor at the last minute.

In summary, this would be the difference between the two main types of skills:

    • Hard skills : are those technical knowledge essential when choosing a job (for example, computer skills or command of another language).
    • Soft skills : related to the personality of each worker. Although they can be learned, they are difficult to acquire if they do not come out of us naturally.

The 5 most valued soft skills: The 5 skills most valued by companies in 2021

On this occasion, we are going to tell you which are the soft skills most valued by companies , so that you can see in which cases you are in an advantageous position compared to other candidates.

1. Creativity

soft skills: creativity

The creativity is currently one of the most valued skills in companies of all types, considering that these are also looking to differentiate themselves from other competing companies in its sector. 

The need to innovate leads to the search for workers capable of thinking differently and being original. This is especially essential, for example, within the design area, where there are multiple professional opportunities. 

If, in addition to considering yourself a creative person, you like fashion, you can also train in this sector thanks to the enormous variety of training available. The courses fashion design offer the training necessary to become a successful coolhunter.

Fashion Design and Creation


Fashion Design and Creation

2. Adaptability to change

Not only the ability to adapt to possible changes, but also the resilience to overcome them, is a must. 

Specifically, the technological boom that most companies are currently facing requires personnel to innovate, achieving efficiency and optimization in terms of resources.

Being the person who knows how to lead this type of project for the benefit of a company is a safe bet in the workplace.

3. Communication / Customer service: The 5 skills most valued by companies in 2021

soft skills: communication

The ability to communicate and communicate are qualities highly valued in many industrial sectors, such as tourism or trade.

To be able to communicate effectively, it is always convenient to work on oral expression. There are dubbing and voice over courses for this.

If you think that the gift of people is one of your best skills, do not hesitate: there is a great demand for professionals in customer service, so perhaps this is the professional outlet you were looking for. The related training attention to the customer is good starting point if you want to develop these skills.

Business Communication


Business Communication

4. Conflict resolution

Knowing how to manage a team of people efficiently and resolve conflicts that may arise in the workplace are skills that not everyone possesses.

In both growing companies and those that already have a large number of employees, the role of the Human Resources team is key.

If you have a gift for mediation, you can always specialize in managing people in order to become a key player in any company.

5. Decision making

Companies need workers they can trust. For this reason, knowing how to lead work groups and take the initiative when making decisions is a quality that is taken into account in different professional fields.

To enhance this ability and especially if you are looking for a job opportunity oriented to the direction and management of companies , you have courses and specialized masters in this aspect, to become an expert in management .

Management Skills


Management Skills

As you can see, in addition to academic and technical training, to become a successful professional it is essential that you work on your soft skills. They are the ones that will allow you to put yourself in an advantageous position over the rest of the candidates.

Take the opportunity to exploit your full potential with the training courses and masters that we propose. The 5 skills most valued by companies in 2021