Language classes for children: authors to study

Language classes for children: authors to study

It is practically impossible to learn Spanish without a total immersion in its literature!

  • Do you learn literature in school?
  • ¿ What can study authors ?

In elementary school, one only begins to talk about literature in recent years, since more importance is given to comprehension and expression, both written and oral; but it is also intended that children are capable of constructing critical thinking and developing a literary and artistic culture. However, it is important that children acquire their taste for reading from a very young age.

Lucky Luke to start reading.
Why not start with comics like Lucky Luke?

What authors can the little ones study?: Language classes for children: authors to study

It may sound cliché, but we believe that one of the great authors of children’s / youth literature is the well-known Roald Dahl. His works have traveled the world and even made it to the big screen. Who doesn’t remember Carlie and the Chocolate Factory with the great Johnny Depp?

Their stories, full of color and imagination, have a simple vocabulary that will allow them to follow the thread and improve their reading comprehension.

Of course, if you want to know other classics of children’s and young people’s literature, do not hesitate to give your children a Harry Potter or The Chronicles of Narnia book .

Any other literary work?: Language classes for children: authors to study

Over the years, compulsory reading books begin to appear in educational programs. The teachers of each school agree to choose great authors of Spanish literature and introduce children to adapted readings that expand their culture.

Many publishers work to bring the classics closer to the little ones in the house. In any bookstore you can find adaptations of titles from national literature (such as Don Quixote, El Cid , etc.) or international ( Romeo and Juliet, Sherlock Holmes, Rebellion on the farm …). You have a great variety to choose from!

Read for pleasure

Some children should not be forced to read because they already love doing it. If so, what books can we offer them?

  • From the age of 6: we began to introduce them to reading with comics such as Asterix and Obelix, Tintin or Lucky Luke .
  • From the age of 12: we mentioned it before, but it is one of our favorites: Harry Potter ! We also love the funny Titeuf , Matilda, Little Nicholas, The Neverending Story …
  • From the age of 15: their capacity for reflection is much greater, so from this age they may be interested in dystopias such as the sagas of The Hunger Games or The Maze Runner , which already have their film adaptations. Another of our great favorites of youth literature: The name of the wind , by Patrick Rothfuss.

In summary:

  • Many students enter high school without a solid foundation in reading and writing.
  • There are many methods that will allow you to fill in the gaps for children with learning disabilities.
  • Websites such as PetraLingua and Mundoprimaria, YouTube channels such as Eduteca, Babyradio podcasts or applications such as 94 Seconds or Los Cazafaltas are excellent resources. The Superprof platform are perfect tools to improve their knowledge and skills and give them confidence and a taste for learning.
  • The taste for reading should be instilled from childhood because it is a very important factor in the academic success of students . Reading stories to them from a young age will increase their desire to read for pleasure. You will see! Language classes for children: authors to study

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