Learn the basics of computer science with a private teacher

Learn the basics of computer science with a private teacher

If computer science is not good for you, private classes are THE way to overcome your difficulties, unblock the blocks you find in the programs you use frequently and finally ask all the questions you want to a professional, competent and pedagogue.

Whether it is to better use a search engine, correctly install peripherals, create an Ethernet network , learn the C or Visual Basic programming language , better master office automation programs or learn the basics of retouching photos or mounting videos , the computer science teacher you need is on Superprof.

To find a good teacher, do not hesitate to read the comments of their former students and check that their skills correspond to your expectations.

The qualities of a private computer teacher are the following:

  • Vulgarization (translation) of the entire “geek” and often English-speaking language of the computer world,
  • Patience and pedagogical skills,
  • Pleasure in passing on your knowledge,
  • Willingness for your student to become familiar with computer tools,
  • You want to equip your loved one with new means of communication thanks to your computer.

As for the support of the classes, ask for files with clear and concise summaries in order to remember them and to be able to easily review the points addressed during the course.

If you do computer programming , think about printing your code sheets to better visualize the algorithm and its syntax.

If what gives you respect is the Internet, you do not understand what cookies do on your computer or you get blocked with e-commerce websites and online sales (this is the case of many elderly people, who fear that their bank details), why not go to class with a web specialist to learn all the ins and outs of web browsing ?

The ins and outs of the Internet.
In your Internet classes, ask your teacher to explain how to shop safely on the Internet.

Do not forget that the computer classes at home with Superprof have a very moderate price. Learn the basics of computer science with a private teacher

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