Learn math quickly

Learn math quickly

It may be the case that time is working against you and you need to learn math quickly.

  • You prepare for an exam: partial, final, selectivity, etc.
  • You do not have much time: during the holidays you have to learn the entire educational program of mathematics of the 1st of Baccalaureate to pass in September.
  • Your math teacher has asked you to master differential equations and complex numbers for the next control of the subject and you want to get a good grade.
Have fun learning with games.
Games are great for stimulating interest and passion for math.

These cases pose quite a challenge. To make it more bearable, we encourage you to work with a small group, even without a teacher. Together you can:

  • Make review cards.
  • Ask each other questions and reason the answer out loud.
  • Put your memory to the test with practical exercises.

Remember that mathematics is nothing more than a logical sequence of numbers. Mathematics can also help you win skills for your personal life:

  • Concentrate on complex problems.
  • Improve your memory in the short and medium term.
  • Effectively reactivate your cognitive reflexes.
  • Adopt a complete working method.
  • Use complicated computer programs.

If you want to learn self-taught, the best thing you can do to make learning fast is to combine discipline, rigor and methodology. You have to stay motivated to work on your own, be it with math books or online games. Everything will also depend on the type of memory.

  • If you have an auditory memory, try repeating the multiplication tables and the concepts you are learning aloud.
  • If you have a visual memory, try to use review cards with the formulas that you have to learn to the letter. And remember that colors help too!

To summarize, mathematics can be easily learned if:

  • You use mnemonics to learn formulas and equations and remember what they are used for.
  • Use math games to work on your logical reasoning and memory.
  • Use all the tools you have at your disposal, whether they are online pedagogical resources with MOOCs or free websites, or traditional resources such as manuals.

With patience and effort you will see how mathematics is not as complicated as it seemed at first. Learn math quickly

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