Marie Curie

Marie Curie

The Kingdom of Poland was part of the Russian Empire when it was born. His family, initially quite well-off, lost everything fighting for the independence of Poland. His parents were both teachers; his father taught mathematics and physics in two different schools. It doesn’t fit the image that comes to mind when we talk about revolutionaries, does it?

When the Russian government forced schools to stop doing laboratory experiments, his father took home all the laboratory equipment he could and began teaching his five children, including the youngest, Maria, how to use it.

It must be said that Marie Curie stood out for her love of science and discovery.

Who were the best chemists in the world?
Marie Curie didn’t have the best chemistry lab, but that didn’t stop her from discovering two new periodic elements. Credits: at

It is equally fair to say that Marie Curie was no stranger to loss and pain. In addition to being stripped of the comforts in which she was born, her older sister died of typhus when she was just seven years old and three years later, her mother died. Perhaps these early losses reinforced his determination to focus on physics , the only career he wanted to pursue.

Ironically, her life as a scientist led to the love of her life.

Together, Pierre and Marie Curie were a complete revolution for the scientific community , both for their unique discovery methods and for the findings themselves. They would establish the only scientific dynasty in the world: his daughter Irene followed in his footsteps in science and married the physicist Frederic Joliot-Curie. His children are scientists too.

So far, the Curie family has received five Nobel Prizes. Marie won the Chemistry Prize for her discovery of radium and polonium and, with Pierre, she won the Physics Prize for her work on radiation.

Without a doubt, an impeccable story, with an amazing chemistry, the result of the life and work of Marie Curie … Marie Curie

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