Specific resources to review chemistry for Baccalaureate and Selectividad students

Specific resources to review chemistry for Baccalaureate and Selectividad students

Are you bored by simply turning pages and looking at your notes over and over? Why not combine your notes and exercises with other resources such as web pages to consolidate all the knowledge of chemistry you may have.

Laboratory is a thought-provoking website (blog) that includes valuable information on physics and chemistry.

What we love is that it is not aimed at any particular group, students or professionals. Each concept is presented in terms that are easy to understand and easy to develop, with graphics and illustrations.

Its content on chemistry covers everything from chemical laws to chemistry in everyday life with food analysis.

On the other hand, if you are looking for dynamism, you will find this on Quimitube, a website where you will find all kinds of information and videos on solved exercises and various topics in chemistry. It is especially aimed at students in the 2nd year of Baccalaureate and Selectivity.

In addition, if you need a mobile application to advance your learning, we recommend Chemistry-Physics in High School , a totally free app that will allow you to enter the world of kinematics, stoichiometry or thermochemistry.

Also, from the point of view of chemical dissemination, we recommend a couple of podcasts, aimed at the general public, which can help you become more interested in chemistry and expand your cultural background on this discipline:

  • Covalent Minds
  • Smells Like Chemistry: The Podcast

In them, both discoveries and experiments are addressed, always in the hands of relevant figures.

On the other hand, if you are preparing for the final stretch of Selectivity, what better way than to practice with mock exams?

For this, Chemistry: High School Assessment (Editorial Anaya) and Easy Chemistry for High School and University Access (Chuletas Collection) (Espasa Edition) will be two ideal companions in your study. Both include explanations of the solved exercises, which will help you understand how the exercises are performed and why. You will also be able to practice with exercises that are adapted to this year’s evaluation criteria, so you will not come across outdated exam models.

Organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, the periodic table and formulation, chemical bonds, solutions, the laws of thermodynamics, stoichiometry, acids and bases and pH, the laws of gases, among many other concepts, will leave to be a secret for you if you combine well everything you have at your fingertips.

Between these review materials and the resources your institute or teacher has recommended, your chemistry study and review is more than likely to pay off! Specific resources to review chemistry for Baccalaureate and Selectividad students

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