Math classes at school and institute

Math classes at school and institute

Maths and their statements
Learning math, at school or in high school, involves understanding the sentences

And if together we do an immersion in the school program of mathematics and in the different objectives that accompany it from primary to selectivity? From school to high school, math is of great importance to all students. Of course, one of the objectives is for the student to choose the baccalaureate of science, with physics and chemistry, mathematics, technology …

From primary to 2nd grade, the goal of math teachers is to develop their students’ reasoning, imagination, and analytical skills.

In primary school, for example, the school program establishes the study of decimal numbers, as well as proportions, the recognition of geometric figures, the concepts of symmetry, as well as angles and other units of measurement. In high school, let’s say the math program follows the same line: relative numbers, calculus, percentages, volumes, location of a line on a plane, figures on a plane, and symmetry. In high school, it goes further: statistical functions, probability, decimal integers, relative numbers or literal calculation.

Essential concepts to be able to pass the baccalaureate of science and selectivity. 2 years during which the math program will be increasingly difficult, especially for: algorithms, functions, algebra, geometry, abscissa, derivatives, vectors …

Looking for a  math teacher ? Math classes at school and institute

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