Reasons to be a personal trainer

Reasons to be a personal trainer

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Become a personal trainer to make a difference
Personal training as a guarantee of quality of life
Become a personal trainer to live off your passion
Interest in “personal training” tends to focus on the benefits of the people receiving the training, but is rarely approached from the coach’s perspective.
Personal training is, above all, an activity in which everyone wins, both the students who are looking for someone to help them get in shape and gain new physical qualities, and their “coach”, who lives off his passion and does Do everything possible for your student to improve, whether he or she is a beginner or a high-level athlete.
In this article, we will talk about creativity in training programs, personal development and the complementation between physical and mental fitness, which are essential topics for those who want to become a personal trainer or, more generally, work in services. sports
Become a personal trainer to make a difference
To make a difference in terms of personal training, your first trick will be to differentiate your offer from that of your competition . This way you will find clients in a more efficient way, but also more beneficial in terms of personal development. In fact, it is more enriching to develop your own sports program that corresponds to your vision of physical activity in general. A good personal trainer or physical trainer is someone who doesn’t just stick with what other coaches do.
Be creative and stay tuned for new methodologies or new personal training programs. Of course, you can reuse exercises or even known programs, such as the Pilates method, but it is essential that you do them yours and adapt them to you.
To make a difference, do not hesitate to personalize each training that you propose to your students.
This ability to differentiate is closely related to the part of the market that you would like to target. This choice is very important and will require deep introspection and reflection on yourself:
Would you rather be personal trainers in a gym or give individual training classes at home?
Do you want to head towards getting in shape with exercises focused on weight loss or muscle toning or to become physical trainers of high-level athletes?
Do you want to specialize in a specific field and give gymnastics, fitness , stretching, Zumba classes or develop more generalized programs?

Individual or group training?

Do you think it is essential to have a certified diploma to gain more credibility as a personal trainer ?
All these questions, along with many others, will help you and allow you to find a clear position in the personal training market. The only rule that you should make is to favor the areas that you like and in which you feel more competent.
Add other complementary services to your training offer, such as nutritional or dietary advice, which can help you make a difference and enrich your offer and its appeal. In short, you should know that your students will judge you for your rigor and your discipline. They will especially appreciate the fact that you are attentive and that you can adapt to your programs according to their specific needs, but also that you take note in each session to focus the next ones towards other complementary exercises.
Offer a monitoring system to your students so that they are aware of their progress.
We also recommend that you create an evaluation or monitoring system for your students , which will allow you to have a concrete follow-up of the progress of each one. These methods that may seem bland will be beneficial to you because:
They will increase your credibility and your seriousness to retain your customers.
They will help you to better accompany your students and allow them to progress more quickly.
Personal training as a guarantee of quality of life
Maintaining an impeccable lifestyle can motivate you and can be the origin of your future career as personal trainers. The fact of becoming a “personal trainer” will encourage you to maintain an optimal physical condition to be credible in front of your students. What legitimacy would you have if you took bodybuilding classes without even being in shape?
Exercising as a personal trainer, whatever your preferred field, should also allow you to reinforce your knowledge of nutrition and give advice to your students based on their problems and expectations.
What foods should they ban and which ones should they give preference to according to their circumstances? These nutritional skills will allow you to stay in shape and help your students to maintain it.
Take the opportunity to develop your knowledge about food and show it to your students.
Personal training should not be learned only from a physical perspective, but it must also be taken into account that mental input is an essential factor in people’s well-being. Being comfortable with yourself is a great tool for personal achievement .
When you give training classes, you should give your best and be proud to be able to record the improvements and changes in the emotional state of your students. Your personal achievements include helping your clients achieve what they set out to do.
If personal training is your therapy and you decide to take the step, you must put the bug in your students , both physically and mentally or psychologically. The quality of life, be it yours or his, is not only physical. In fact, sports practice is very good for improving the quality of sleep, mood or even general well-being.
Being a personal trainer means living in a vicious circle between the physical and the psychological. The more sport you do, the better physical condition you will have and the more encouraged and confident you will feel to test your limits in other areas.
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Become a personal trainer to live off your passion
If sport is for you a therapy that helps you feel better, becoming personal trainers can be the work of your lives: you can live from your passion and make it your profession . Don’t they say that we are in a better mood and more effective when we do what we like? However, you have to keep your feet on the ground so as not to fall into the idealization of the profession of personal trainer and believe that passion is enough. If you are convinced that you want to do it, perhaps you should take into account all the factors that surround freelance professions like this.
Jumping into the pool is not always easy, but you must face your fears to live from your dream.
The fear of becoming your own boss or leaving your comfort zone, as well as the fear of the unknown, are completely normal feelings, especially if you are not used to working on your own. To go through this phase of doubts, you will have to work on yourself, reflect on the true causes of your fears and, above all, speak with a professional coach who already knows these phases and can help you.
Base an important part of your programs on communication and exchange with your students. Do not hesitate to count on them to design the exercises; so your methods will be more creative and enriching.
In summary:

Ultimately, what’s so great about being a personal trainer?: Reasons to be a personal trainer

For you: It will allow you to develop and enjoy an area that you particularly like. Over time, you can improve your methods and your approach to sports practice, with all that that entails (such as nutritional advice). Transmitting, accompanying, talking and seeing your students progress will be most rewarding and will give you a deep sense of well-being.
For your students: Most of your students will come with a series of initial objectives (lose weight, get to cover a certain distance in a specific time, define the figure, get muscular …) and most will focus only on the physical plane. You must be able to make them evolve and give them tools that are beneficial to them in other areas and not only in sports. Reasons to be a personal trainer
It is an activity in which everyone wins and that will allow you to enjoy what you really like. A passion turned into a profession. Reasons to be a personal trainer

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