Short training to teach ELE

Short training to teach ELE

In small groups, either in the institute or in a language school, you will find short courses to learn ELE.
Did you know that, according to the Instituto Cervantes , there are hundreds of thousands of Spanish teachers in the world as ELE teachers ? Like any teaching profession, these teachers have chosen to receive training in Spanish .
It must be said that teaching Spanish to foreigners requires a series of technical knowledge as well as motivation … But also diplomas that endorse our training! For that, short and specialized Spanish courses are the best option .
Among the types of short courses, the one or two-month courses at the Instituto Cervantes (which can be done online or in person) are the most suitable for teaching accreditation of Spanish as a second language. However, there are introductory and in-depth courses that can be used to prepare classes or to learn about how a foreign language is taught. In all of them, the different language skills should be worked on:
Written comprehension
Grammar and lexicon
Oral comprehension

Written expression and oral expression: Short training to teach ELE

Likewise, it is also possible to take other courses at the Cervantes Institute in collaboration with other Spanish and foreign institutions or with FEDELE to learn how to teach a foreign language:
Courses with other institutions . Collaboration with other institutions has been developed with the conviction of the need to work together with institutions (spread throughout the Spanish and Latin American geography) that share the objective of ensuring quality Spanish teaching. Therefore, they are complementary courses to the training offer of the Instituto Cervantes. For example, they can be done in Salamanca, Madrid, Zaragoza, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Buenos Aires, Vigo, Murcia, Toledo, Santander, Barcelona, ​​Almería, Santiago de Compostela, Huesca, Palencia, Lleida, etc.).
Courses with FEDELE . In this case, the Cervantes Institute organizes a series of courses aimed at teachers from Accredited Centers and teachers from the Federation of Schools of Spanish as a Foreign Language (FEDELE). Of course, to access these courses, you have to be a member of a FEDELE school.
In addition, you will find the courses organized by universities and other reference organizations in the teaching of Spanish, which organize summer courses such as the one at the Menéndez Pelayo University in Santander.
Calculate between 300 and 1,000 euros for this type of intensive training , which can include one or more modules. It should be noted that certification courses are generally more expensive than less intensive training such as a master’s degree, but are more easily valued in the ELE job market.

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