Spanish Language and Literature classes at the school and institute

Spanish Language and Literature classes at the school and institute

Language and Literature classes play an important role in your success from the beginning of secondary education.

Although it is true that learning the Spanish language begins in primary education, it is in 1st ESO that it undergoes an important turn.

From that moment, your language teacher will teach you the subject from 4 different axes: the practice of the Spanish language (grammar), its mastery (spelling), its analysis and argumentation (lexicon), as well as the history of Spanish literature to Through different periods such as the 18th century, Romanticism of the 19th century, Modernism, the Generation of 27 or the Spanish novel of 75 to the present day.

Thus, the ESO Language program is summarized in a meticulous study of the Spanish language, literature, written expression and oral expression.

If the main objective is for you to learn to speak Spanish correctly and improve your language, we must also emphasize another and no less important objective: passing the Spanish Language and Literature exam at the PAU (University Entrance Exams), formerly known as selectivity.

In the exam, the student must choose one of the two proposed options and answer the questions of the chosen option.

The first question will be assessed on 2 points, the 2nd question on 1 point, the 3rd question on 1.5, the 4th question on 2.5 and the 5th question on 3 points. The questions focus not only on parsing, grammar or the elaboration of a text comment, but also on commenting on the most important aspects of literature at a specific time.

The time you have is 90 minutes.

This shows the importance of Spanish language classes both in secondary and high school (also, don’t forget that it is your mother tongue and that you can make it your specialty).

Spanish Language and Literature in ESO
Spanish Language and Literature classes take an important turn for students in secondary education

Through the different eras, passing through each literary genre, your teacher will help you understand the linguistic peculiarities of the language of Cervantes .

In 1st year of high school, your Spanish language teacher will continue this pedagogical process started with a lot of discipline in high school.

You will learn to analyze and comment on the proposed texts, through different topics such as novels, poetry, essays or theater.

You are going to study Spanish from another angle , and in the 2nd year of high school, the classes will go deeper, above all, into written expression through text commentary.

Your prose is going to know a real refinement in terms of style and your sense of rhetoric.

More focused on general culture and the history of literature, your classes will also allow you to develop a certain reflection in order to better appreciate and understand the works.

Having difficulties in Spanish is not a shame, on the contrary.

So that you can perfect it, you can turn to school support .

private Spanish language teacher could help you progress, both with classes in the afternoon and in the summer.

And the online exercises can also be useful for the future high school student. Spanish Language and Literature classes at the school and institute

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