Specific resources to review chemistry for ESO students

Specific resources to review chemistry for ESO students

We get to the heart of the matter: what are the best applications, games, web pages and books for ESO students?

While most of the resources mentioned so far require you to sift through tons of information for that specific point you may be looking for, they cover topics that you are sure to see when it’s time to test.

Do you want to have a selection of chemistry books ?

The best chemistry apps for ESO: Specific resources to review chemistry for ESO students

After applying the periodic table of Químicaweb, your next best option will be   Merck PTE, a mobile application available for iOS and Android, where you can reinforce your knowledge of the fundamentals of chemistry through the elements of the periodic table and their nomenclature .

Likewise, the Functional Groups in Chemistry app is worth highlighting , since it will allow you to prepare for your organic chemistry exam from scratch. In addition, it includes tests to test your domain.

learn chemistry with apps
Do you want to learn chemistry while you play?

The best chemistry games

Although the game should not displace the study of chemistry, rest assured that if you study while having fun, the knowledge will be perfectly established.

With this purpose, from Superprof we propose you some games related to chemistry so that studying is sewing and singing.

SpaceChem : your mission as a reactor engineer is to build molecules and place them within a quadrant, building a circuit through which atoms and electrons can flow.

Regarded as the best indie game the year it was released, today it is also used as a teaching tool at the university level, in the chemistry department, and in the programming department.

ChemCaper is the world’s first chemistry RPG in which you, as the character Roub, must save your world by collecting items, brewing potions, and overseeing the bonding processes.

Aimed at teenagers, the principles of chemistry are woven into the story in such a way that students internalize and remember them, even if they haven’t played for a long time.

This adventure is available for both iOS and Android. Specific resources to review chemistry for ESO students

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