The best pages to work your math online

The best pages to work your math online

math classes are very dynamic
Online math classes are very varied and dynamic

It is true that sometimes some parents feel overwhelmed with the classes they teach their children at school.

Some concepts learned in math classes can be abstract for some parents, who feel unable to help their children with homework.

The Internet helps you find math classes online that can help with homework, as support classes and also as a review of the level of mathematics already acquired.

Here is a list of 3 free math websites that could replace math support classes.

GeoGebra: The best pages to work your math online

A dynamic math program; GeoGebra includes geometry, algebra, and calculus.

It allows you to create and modify operations that include points, vectors, segments, lines or even representative curves of the function. You can work with numeric or vector variables as well as points and have to find the derivatives and integrals of the functions. Proposes commands such as root or endpoints.

It has become the first dynamic math program, supporting science, technology, engineering, and math.

GeoGebra is a true graphing calculator for studying functions, geometry, algebra, differential calculus, statistics, and 3D views. GeoGebra is available for computers (compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux), for Tablets (Windows Store, App Store and Google Play) as well as for Smartphone applications (only on Google Play).

One of the advantages of GeoGebra is the fact that it has a feature called GeoGebra groups that allows you to create a collaborative workspace. This way you can start an exercise, math homework, at home and then invite your teacher to join the group and help you with a specific aspect. You can share your texts, images, videos, pdfs and other GeoGebra activities; even talk to the other members of the group. It is very useful for online math classes!

You can also find numerous tutorials to master this online math class tool on the YouTube channel. Version 4 has many new features and, above all, it has the possibility of using a second graphic window.

Vitutor: The best pages to work your math online

It is a tele-training platform designed for online learning of different subjects. The project began with a specialization in Mathematics content, and they are currently beginning to work on other subjects, such as English. The courses they offer have a wide variety of interactive exercises, supported by a teaching team with multidisciplinary training.

Combine your math books and notebooks. A switch between different supports is always good

The contents related to Mathematics are structured by courses of the Spanish educational system (Compulsory Secondary Education and Baccalaureate), or by the different branches of Mathematics, which you can consult in Spanish or English.

In algebra, for example, they have exercises and topics related to:

  1. Monomials, Polynomials, and Algebraic Fractions
  2. First degree equations
  3. Systems of equations with two unknowns
  4. Equations of the second degree, rational, bi-squared and irrational, systems of equations with three unknowns and non-linear
  5. Inequalities of the first and second degree and irrational, system of inequalities

Visit their page for more information:

Find your math teacher on Superprof.

Math Exercises

It is an online platform that can be accessed as a user or as a teacher.

As a user, you have at your disposal a wide range of exercises, syllabi and structured explanations in different fields, ready to help you. You will find exercises divided, according to school courses, on natural numbers, powers, fractions, plane figures …

You can also access notes on each of the topics as well as exams to evaluate your knowledge.

As a teacher, you can register your students and see the exercises they are doing as well as their progress.

It is a very complete math platform that can be of great help and with which you can achieve great results in the matter. The best pages to work your math online

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