The genius Albert Einstein

The genius Albert Einstein

From one of the great figures of mathematics to another, we will henceforth speak of the best known of them: Albert Einstein . Born in 1879 in Germany and died in 1955 in Priceton (USA), Einstein is the well-known scientific figure par excellence.

There is a legend in the field of math and higher education: like many children, he was a bad student. This is false. He was a very good student, but on the contrary, he was quite rebellious. Later, during his university studies, he would demonstrate incredible autonomy to learn celestial mechanics and nuclear physics.

It is in 1905 when the mathematician and scientist becomes a famous person, with the famous formula E = MC2  or the theory of relativity. The equation explains that a mass (M) multiplied by the speed of light squared (C²) produces a certain amount of energy (E) called mass energy.

The theory of general relativity arises in 1915, from Isaac Newton’s Law of Gravitation. Here, Einstein sets aside the concept of gravitational force and explains that every movement of an object is determined by the configuration of space-time . 1916 was the year of gravitational waves.

Mathematical theories that have changed our view of the world, far away, however, from simple concepts, such as mental arithmetic, multiplication, geometry (angle, triangle, rectangle, circle, symmetry), high school science, relative numbers , the learning of trigonometry, mathematics in primary or infant …

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