What are cartoons?

What are cartoons?

When we know how to draw a portrait perfectly, we can have fun making caricatures . Sure you have seen a cartoon once, but what is it?

A caricature is an artistic genre that consists of a portrait or representation of a humorous nature in which the physical or facial features, clothing or behavior or manners of someone are exaggerated with the aim of provoking laughter or ridiculing an institution or a prominent person of a political, social or religious character.

This is a very fun and appreciated exercise!

The cartoon also has a long history …

Since ancient times, we find examples in Greek vessels. However, its practice, at that time, was little extended globally, but it developed over the centuries.

Although in their origins, cartoons were presented in the form of prints and engravings, the development of the printing press facilitated the dissemination of parodic drawings from the Renaissance. The true birth of satirical drawing is related to an important event in the history of Europe: the French Revolution.

At that time, the drawings became a way of criticizing society and denouncing the abuses of politicians . The satirical newspapers were spreading and then, the cartoon became a universal means of expression. That is where your interest lies: everyone can understand a drawing. An image that shocks and ridicules a personality will have more impact than words when it comes to damaging someone’s image.

Do you like the idea of ​​making humorous portraits?

For that, you will need a good base in drawing. Drawing a portrait using a cartoon requires a good sense of observation to detect the characteristics that can be exaggerated in the representation.

As with any portrait, begin by tracing the main lines of the face, taking care to preserve the resemblance to the subject. Then, work on the details that will become the center of your cartoon.

  • Droopy eyes?
  • Thick lips?
  • An oversized forehead?

Everything will depend on the subject.

Cartoons are a very frequent source of ridicule.
Learn to make caricatures of any current character.

It’s time to have fun, exaggerate the details, while preserving the overall harmony of the portrait. Making a cartoon does not imply doing anything. We must be able to identify the person represented at first glance.

To practice, try making a collection of well-known personalities from photos . This will allow you to find automatisms and improve your layout.

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