What are the different techniques in drawing?

What are the different techniques in drawing?

In this article, we have tried to cover some types of drawing in a very general way. Before finding your own style, you will have to learn the various techniques …

What are the utensils used by cartoonists?
Pencil, pastel, charcoal, black stone … There are many materials to learn to use.

During your drawing classes and the  pencil drawing course , your teacher will introduce you to the different materials used by cartoonists . Depending on the type of drawing you want to make, you will indeed have to have several more or less adapted media.

Surely, you have made your first sketches with pencil or with colors. Feel free to vary the drawing techniques to discover new possibilities and obtain a totally different result.

In drawing, we can use:

  • The charcoal : essential for cartoonists. It is a branch of a bush ( bonnet ) transformed by the effect of combustion, according to a procedure related to the manufacture of coal. Charcoal is very suitable for making portraits and sketches.
  • The compound pencil (or Conté pencil) : it is a compound charcoal pencil that is usually used together with charcoal, although its precision is much greater.
  • The black stone : contrary to its name, it can be black but also white. It is similar to charcoal, but stains less. The white stone allows you to draw on colored paper, providing a touch of originality.
  • The sepia : it is a brown coloring substance that is obtained from a cephalopod of the same name (sepia). It is usually used in pencils or bars to draw and the technique used is usually the same as that of pencil or charcoal.
  • The sanguine : as its name suggests, it is a reddish, ocher, brown and even orange material. In the past, it was often used in drafts of frescoes. Currently, it is ideal for drawing volumes and modeling portraits and nudes.
  • The graphite : in other words, the pencil! It is, without a doubt, your main tool for drawing. It is made up of a mixture of powdered natural graphite and clay baked at specified temperatures. Depending on the hardness of the mine, one or another proportion of graphite-clay will be used, since the more clay it contains, the harder it will be. It is very practical to create contrasts and is available in different versions more or less fat according to the needs.
  • Ink (Chinese ink) : it is a liquid material that can be used with a brush or pen and is used to make line drawings and shades.
  • The marker : a drawing tool that allows you to create colored marks and that together allows you to define areas of light and dark tones. Its use is usually limited to images that do not present too much detail.
  • The pen : its use is usually quite complex, as it hardly admits correction.
  • Colored pencils : both graphite pencils and monochrome pencils are used to give different shades to a graphic representation.
  • Oil : it is a painting technique that consists of mixing different pigments with an oil-based binder (usually of vegetable origin). Thanks to the oils it provides fluidity and thanks to the pigments density. In this way, oil can create different shades and a large number of colors.

For your drawings, you can also change the style easily by changing the drawing technique . In fact, experimentation and the search for new materials to draw is a constant in art. Everything is allowed to express yourself!


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