What are vignettes?

What are vignettes?

From caricature to vignettes, there is nothing more than one step.

  • Do you buy all the copies of El Jueves ?
  • Do you like his sarcastic and provocative side?

The cartoonists press are specialists in the cartoon.

What is your job? Take inspiration from current affairs to reflect it in humorous vignettes  and, in general, denounce and criticize social news, religion or politics. Through their drawings, they offer us their view of the world or the current situation.

The 2015 attack on Charlie Hebdo’s newsroom caused cartoonists to appear on newscasts around the world. Currently, it is true that their work involves a risk, especially considering the tension that exists in the current context.

The press cartoons are intended to make the reader react and incite questions about what is happening in today’s world. For that, the cartoonist does not hesitate to appeal to provocation, black humor, prejudice, irony, that is, to any element that contributes to criticism and satire.

Remember that you do not have to literally analyze  the bullet points of the press. What should shock readers is not a drawing, but rather the actuality that has inspired it. Cartoonists do not invent horror, they find it in our society. The cartoonist only reacts to what he observes around him.

It should not be forgotten that a cartoonist for the press is, above all, a journalist who carries out analysis work. Instead of writing an article, you should pass a message through a bullet point. To be effective, it has to be shocking, as well as provoking laughter.

What are the characteristics of the vignettes?

  • They are accessible to everyone and simple when it comes to transmitting ideas and situations: they facilitate understanding and provide a note of humor to a situation, often critical.
  • His topics are of great interest to all audiences.
  • They promote interpretation, synthesis, inquiry and the space-time sense.
  • They serve to inform.

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