What does the internet offer us to learn mathematics?

What does the internet offer us to learn mathematics?

Learn math thanks to videos: What does the internet offer us to learn mathematics?

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We are used to seeing internet pages or applications on television that offer classes in English, French, mathematics, piano …

But usually these classes have a price, and this often makes the user discouraged.

We from Superprof want to motivate you!

The videos of classes and exercises appeared a few years ago, and they continue to develop and add more and more followers (both teachers and students). Its practical and functional aspect is its main attraction. Instead of reading the lesson, it is now possible to view it. Today, in a world in which young people are attached to new technologies, learning through digital format is a very attractive option .

With the videos on mathematics, the student accesses a second class, only this time he can follow it alone and calmly, returning as many times as he wishes to the points he does not understand. Video learning, unlike face-to-face, is endowed with absolute flexibility that the student can modulate at will for all levels and especially for secondary mathematics.

But the student must bear in mind that online videos are not always perfect: some are difficult to access and sometimes incomprehensible. The explanations can be airtight for those who have difficulties in depending on what points. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid videos with a too rigid format and content that is too technical, since the student will not achieve any notable progress.What does the internet offer us to learn mathematics?

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