What is the EZ bar? Presentation, benefits and buying guide!

What is the EZ bar? Presentation, benefits and buying guide!

To work the entire upper body, your individual sports trainer may integrate the bodybuilding bar known as the “EZ bar.”
Unlike a traditional straight dumbbell bar , the EZ bar is slightly crenellated, allowing the user more wrist flexibility during the lift (but always paying attention to the lower back).
The EZ bar will allow you to tone your biceps, triceps, delts and shoulder blades as you do the curl bar movement with the supine grip, palms up.  To be in good physical shape , the EZ Bar is listed as one of the 5 best tools.
Especially since it is very effective to gain muscle mass . There are many exercises and movements that you can do carefully without hurting yourself.
As for the price, we find from € 25 to € 80 for high-end equipment.

All about the military press: presentation and benefits: What is the EZ bar? Presentation, benefits and buying guide!

The military press or overhead press is a basic muscle strengthening exercise that involves lifting a barbell from the shoulders to the top of the head.
Do exercises to strengthen your arms , practice this weight lifting movement in a sitting or standing position, with your feet apart.
It is about grasping the bar in pronation (with the palms down) and lifting it with the arms stretched and locked.
It is advisable to have the assistance of a physical trainer so as not to reproduce a certain number of frequent errors during the movement: for example, lifting weights adapted to your physical condition.
In addition, with the military press, you can work the shoulders (delts), triceps, chest, abdominal waist, shoulder girdle and buttocks: regular practice and good breathing help you lose weight, while you gain muscle tone.

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