What is the program of the Humanities and Social Sciences section?

What is the program of the Humanities and Social Sciences section?

As surely you already suspect, the command of the language of Cervantes has a great weight in the school program of the modality of letters in Bachiller . But there are other important subjects …

Your linguistic skills in other languages ​​and your culture in history will also have great relevance.

The core subjects in 1st year of Bachelor are:

  • Philosophy
  • Spanish Language and Literature I
  • First Foreign Language I
  • Latin I (humanities itinerary)
  • Mathematics Applied to Social Sciences I (CCSS itinerary)
The electives, of which you will have to choose two:
  • Economy
  • Greek I
  • History of the contemporary world
  • Universal Literature

In addition to the core subjects, you will have to take a minimum of two and a maximum of three subjects from the block of specific subjects. Each educational administration will establish its regulation, programming and offer:

  • Physical Education (compulsory)
  • Musical Analysis I
  • Applied Anatomy
  • Scientific Culture
  • Artistic Drawing I
  • Technical Drawing I
  • Language and Musical Practice
  • Religion
  • Second Foreign Language I
  • Industrial Technology I
  • Information and Communication Technologies I

Through the classes of Spanish Language and Literature, World Literature, history and even science, the program aims to perfect the students’ command of Spanish and foreign linguistics , as well as their personal knowledge.

Ignorance seriously damages health.
Language and Literature classes broaden the literary culture of arts students.

In order to encourage students to develop their critical spirit and their judgment on philosophical questions, the philosophy program covers broad thematic notions:

  • The subject
  • Culture
  • The reason
  • Politics
  • The moral

The objectives of the school program of the Humanities modality are precise, they must allow the student:

  • Acquire a literary and personal culture
  • Develop aesthetic awareness
  • Develop a critical spirit
  • Mastering the Spanish language to express oneself correctly both in writing and orally (vocabulary, grammar, spelling, syntax, etc.)
  • Develop your own writing style What is the program of the Humanities and Social Sciences section?

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