What subjects are the most important in the Humanities modality?

What subjects are the most important in the Humanities modality?

The arts program is focused on literature, language skills, philosophy, and history.

Learn through reading.
From Fernando de Rojas to Machado, passing through Cervantes and Quevedo, students learn to analyze a text, extract the author’s ideas and develop an argument.

That is why it is important, if you want to do the Bachelor of Humanities, that you bring up to date some specific subjects.

Taking into account the school program, these are the four subjects that you should promote before moving on to 1st year of Bachelor.

  1. Work well in language classes

It will be necessary to have a good command of the language. The objective of learning Spanish in the 1st year of Bachiller is to sensitize students to the great periods and literary movements and to perfect their knowledge of the language of Cervantes.

By reviewing the fundamental knowledge of our language (spelling, vocabulary, grammar, syntax), students will discover, through the great literary genres (novels, comedy, poetry, argumentation), the richness of the Spanish language.

2. Concentrate on learning other languages

Your Spanish language skills will be an advantage in your studies, but don’t neglect languages ​​either.

Students are required to have an advanced level: B2 in the first foreign language and B1 for the second foreign language.

Privilege language learning.
English, French, German, Italian … Languages ​​have a great relevance in your studies!

3. Deepen your knowledge of history

Now that you know that your linguistic skills in language and languages ​​will be an advantage in your studies of letters, we give way to history , an important part in the Humanities modality.

International and cultural relations, civilizations, alliances, European and world powers … The history program in Bachelor is very broad.

4. Don’t forget math

Why mathematics in the Humanities and Social Sciences modality?

Although it is a modality of letters, classes are given in Mathematics applied to Social Sciences, in order to offer the student the basic mathematical tools for the proper functioning of the business system.

In addition, this subject will allow you, on the one hand, to acquire new personal knowledge, and on the other, to increase your options for your future higher studies. What subjects are the most important in the Humanities modality?

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