Do you know all the opportunities that green energy offers in the coming years? Do you want to know how to work in the renewable energy sector? If you want to know what you need to work on the most sustainable and environmentally responsible electricity generation, we help you answer your questions.


In our post on renewable energy we examine what renewable energy is, all the opportunities and benefits that this sector has both for the environment and for those who want to become professionals in renewable energy.

To work in the renewable energy sector, the first thing you will need, in addition to your interest in eco-friendly alternatives , is to choose the path of training.

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Where to study renewable energy?: Where can I study to work in the renewable energy sector?

Studying renewable energies in Spain is becoming more affordable and simple thanks to the online study methodology . We no longer have to worry because we live in a town far from the big cities to be able to access quality renewable energy courses.

We will only need something that is almost essential in any home, an internet connection and an electronic device . We can train comfortably from the laptop, mobile or tablet. Sound futuristic? Well, it is already a reality that has opened the doors to quality training without geographical or time barriers.

You will be able to choose what type of renewable energy you want to specialize in. The main ones are wind energy, solar energy, hydraulic energy, biothermal energy , biomass and biogas . Any of the sustainable alternatives for electricity generation present a continuous evolution and will be the future to produce our energy from natural resources that are less harmful to the health of the planet and people .

Why study renewable energy?: Where can I study to work in the renewable energy sector?

The profession of renewable energy specialist is booming in a sector that expects constant growth in the coming years. In less than 10 years, it is expected that more than 30% of the energy we produce will be from renewable resources such as air, water or the sun.

Faced with such an expansion forecast, there is a need for qualified renewable energy technicians capable of filling all the positions that will be created in the coming years to work in the production of clean energy. And training in renewable energy is the key to becoming part of one of the most in-demand professionals.

Training in renewable energy is aimed at all levels. Both for those who start from scratch and want to learn the basics of green energy production or those who have already obtained a university degree and want to specialize by doing a master’s degree in renewable energy.

What does a renewable energy technician do?

Technicians specialized in green energy are professionals who are responsible for the design of clean energy production facilities such as wind stations or energy efficiency systems, among others. They are also responsible for the installation and assembly of the necessary machinery.

Depending on the specialization of the technical professional, they may dedicate themselves to some aspects or others. Its functions range from carrying out an energy efficiency project to the management and maintenance of sustainable electricity generation systems.

Renewable energy experts analyze the renewable energy resources that exist, carry out studies on the use of exploitation systems in order to evaluate the viability of their use. With all the information from their research they can design projects capable of responding to the needs raised. They must always apply the safety, quality and environmental protection standards . Where can I study to work in the renewable energy sector?