The military profession is full of advantages and the hierarchical system of the Armed Forces presents the remuneration bases of all its branches according to the military categories and ranks. Differentiating them will help us to better understand how the hierarchy of the armed forces works.


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What are the Armed Forces?: What military ranks are there in the military and how much do they charge?

The Armed Forces of Spain depend on the Ministry of Defense and its main function is to guarantee national independence and sovereignty, its territorial integrity and constitutional order , that is, compliance with the laws established in the Constitution.

Under this premise all the Armed Forces are included, whose Captain General and supreme command is the King . They are composed of 3 main branches:

  • Army : Develops and executes assigned missions in peacetime.
  • Air Force : Carries out surveillance and control operations in the airspace of national sovereignty.
  • Navy : Carries out surveillance operations in maritime spaces.

Ranks of the Spanish Army: What military ranks are there in the military and how much do they charge?

When it comes to establishing a hierarchy of command in the armed forces, we speak of military ranks . Each “grade” on the scale must wear a distinctive uniform such as chevrons, insignia, or fabrics on the shoulders, chest, and arms that visually identify them.

We can differentiate the following categories and jobs within the command scale of the Spanish army:

General officers: What military ranks are there in the military and how much do they charge?

This category located at the top of the hierarchical pyramid of the Spanish army derives directly from His Majesty the King and in it we find:

  • Captain general
  • Army general
  • Lieutenant general
  • Major General
  • Brigadier General

They are military officers of category A1.

Officers: What military ranks are there in the military and how much do they charge?

  • Colonel
  • Lieutenant colonel
  • Commander
  • Captain
  • Lieutenant
  • Ensign

They are military officers of category A2.

Non-commissioned officers: What military ranks are there in the military and how much do they charge?

  • Chief Petty Officer
  • Second lieutenant
  • Brigade
  • First sergeant
  • Sergeant

They are C1 category military officials.

Army Warrant Officer


Army Warrant Officer

Troops and Sailors

  • Cape Mayor
  • Cape first
  • Cape
  • First-rate soldier
  • Soldier

They are C2 category military officials.

Troops and Sailors

Campus Training

Troops and Sailors

These ranks have their corresponding degrees in the Navy and the Air Force, where, for example, the Captain General of the Spanish army will be the Admiral General in the Navy or General of the Air in the air force.

How much does a military man earn in Spain?

The salary of a military man is made up of a stipulated minimum base to which complements are added that will depend on the rank or ladder. This structure follows the same pattern as the remuneration of civil servants in the Public Administration.

The information on the salaries of the military is public and is available in the Ministry of Defense and the BOE .

As a base salary (without supplements) and updated we can speak of an amount of € 1,016.62  for the rank of soldier and € 359.55 for general military training students.

The military salary is made up of:

Basic remuneration or base salary

Basic salaries of a military man are considered the salary assigned by classification levels based on the military rank (from A1 for the rank of General Officers to C2 for the rank of troop and sailor).

Also they are part of the basic salary the trienios involving an amount charged every 3 years of long – term commitment and two extra payments a year  (each in the amount of one month’s salary).

Complementary remuneration

Complementary remuneration is made up of:

  • Employment supplement that pays for the degree of responsibility based on employment or military rank.
  • Specific supplement , made up of the general supplement that is received based on the job in question and the military category, and the unique supplement that pays for the special conditions of the unit in question (dedication, dangerousness, responsibility, technical repair …).
  • Special dedication supplement is received for extraordinary activity, initiative and special performance in the position.
  • Bonus for extraordinary services outside working hours , as the name suggests, is an exceptional, extra and punctual remuneration.

Other remuneration

This section would include other types of compensation and compensation such as aid for clothing , family benefits , compensation for residence and pensions for mutilation or rewards .

These remunerations will be received in accordance with the provisions of the legislation on the matter.

How to work in the Armed Forces?

If you have a vocation and would like to contribute to the defense and security of Spain, as well as that of its allies, joining the Armed Forces will allow you to develop your professional career, get a stable job and work in what you like.

In order to be part of the Army, Navy or Air Force, you will have to pass competitive examinations that are convened annually.

In our previous post , what to study to be a military man? You have all the information about the tests for the military opposition calls.

To successfully prepare and pass the entire selection process, you must be trained by true professionals who help you in your learning to study updated syllabi and take tests that strengthen your theoretical knowledge and that also prepare you physically and psychologically for each phase of the oppositions. What military ranks are there in the military and how much do they charge?