Where to learn mathematics in Madrid

Where to learn mathematics in Madrid

The classic way to learn mathematics in Madrid: Where to learn mathematics in Madrid

When we speak of the classical path, we usually refer to the school path: primary, secondary and high school, and also higher studies. In Madrid , there are numerous prestigious schools and universities.

Private math classes in Madrid

To ensure you achieve a good level in mathematics or to deepen your knowledge of arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry or geometry, private classes are an excellent alternative. To find a private teacher who offers private mathematics classes in Madrid , check advertisements on the Internet or at your town hall. You can even enroll in online platforms , which do an excellent job in favoring the relationship between the student and the teacher .

Math courses Madrid
Mathematics classes in Madrid

Other possibilities to take math classes in Madrid

The EMA (Municipal Schools for Adults)

The EMAs are open to everyone over the age of 18. Classes begin at the same time as those of secondary or higher, that is, in September, and end in June of the following year.

Different associations to learn mathematics in Madrid

In Madrid, you can find different associations to learn mathematics: the Madrid Society of Mathematics Teachers (SMPM); Planet Sciences or neighborhood associations.

Other alternatives


HomEducation bases its method on proposing a specific teacher to the student with difficulties to go home. Afterwards, both professionals define a personalized follow-up program together .

Math Academy

The Mathematics Academy is a center specialized in the teaching of UNED careers, preparation of selectivity courses, access courses to higher-level training cycles, UCM careers, among other preparations. You can always opt for the option of taking online math courses.

Your particular classes

If you experience difficulties in mathematics, in Tusclasesparticulares you can find teachers who offer specialized teaching based on your needs.

School of Mathematical Thought “Miguel de Guzmán”

The “Miguel de Guzmán” School of Mathematical Thought is a teaching center specialized in the detection, orientation and stimulation of mathematical talent , aimed at students of high ability or with a facility for mathematics.

Online Academies

The expansion of the internet has, of course, also favored the birth of virtual academies . Some are also free! Feel free to visit smartick.es, lasmaticas.es and khanacademy.org Where to learn mathematics in Madrid

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