Why can language classes help children?

Why can language classes help children?

Young generations sometimes experience difficulties in using their own language correctly.

It is even suggested that the educational system, and specifically the period of primary school, is responsible for the reading and writing problems of Spanish students.

Faced with this situation, Language classes can help the little ones .

For example, thanks to private classes, your dear little ones will learn to express themselves better both orally and in writing.

Your children will expand their vocabulary and master grammar rules better.

Also, knowing their mother tongue will help them express their ideas. If not, how to develop the argumentation when there is a lack of vocabulary and adequate expressions?

On the other hand, a private language teacher will ask his students to read as often as possible. “Homework” that are not really, and that contribute to the learning of your children …

Advancing dyslexic children with language classes

Dyslexia is a learning disability in reading and spelling, independent of any intellectual or sensory deficiency and of any psychiatric problem.

In most cases, it is in elementary school when dyslexia is discovered , especially during the learning of the written Spanish language .

There are three tests that help identify dyslexic problems : metaphonological skills, RAN (rapid naming of everyday objects), and naming of different letters of the alphabet.

Dyslexia often represents a real difficulty for the student in his school progress.

Treatment of dyslexia.
Is your child dyslexic? Don’t panic, there are plenty of solutions!

At the time of diagnosis, parents are often alarmed. Therefore, it is necessary to remember that this problem is not at all dramatic and that there are solutions.

Ron Davis, famous dyslexic engineer (with an IQ of 160), has developed a well-known theory.

This theory, called Davis theory , explains that dyslexics think in images and sensory representations, and not in words. They are generally creative and very practical.

If precautions are taken early, this reading problem will have no major effect on a child’s school success.

Attending private lessons with a language teacher offers many advantages to dyslexic children:

  • individual and personalized improvement that adapts to the rhythm of the student
  • allow the child to regain self-confidence
  • perform exercises adapted to dyslexia
  • support parents who often feel overwhelmed by the diagnosis
  • serenely learn the grammar and spelling of the Spanish language

Although teachers in the education system do not have enough tools to deal with this problem for reading, a private teacher can be a real relief for parents and for the student.

In addition to private language classes , families may resort to sessions with an orthophonist, specialized works or the help of certain associations such as Dyslexia sin Barreras. Why can language classes help children?

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