Why is mathematics indispensable?

Why is mathematics indispensable?

We often speak of mathematics as one of the oldest human activities. Man has always wanted to calculate, count, measure distances, trade, etc.

Today, when you ask “why is mathematics indispensable?” It is easy to answer: because mathematics courses give children instructions to understand their environment and the society that surrounds them .

Mathematics is also essential to understand art. We think particularly of certain abstract artists, focused on geometry: Vasarely, Kadinsky, Mondrian or Picasso. Even origami! Math courses can, on the other hand, allow  your creativity to develop in games. Playing through figures and shapes develops the spirit of investigation, organizes and structures the way of thinking, allows us to understand mistakes, adapt to a certain logic, helps to overcome blockages, etc … Dominoes, Legos, Sudoku, Mastermind, etc. are concrete examples!

Understanding mathematics allows you to understand many things
Mathematics is ubiquitous in everyday life

The benefits of mathematics in everyday life are numerous . Students often ask themselves, “What is mathematics for?”
The answers are multiple: do your accounting, pay your taxes, calculate percentages, distances, gross and net wages, proportions or probabilities in games of chance …

Above all, it is professional life that will most “challenge” your level in mathematics. The sectors that use figures and operations are very numerous . We think particularly in the insurance sector, the bank, in engineering, energy or logistics. Why is mathematics indispensable?

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