All children are capable of learning mathematics

All children are capable of learning mathematics

Linguists consider that it is advisable for parents to teach their children a foreign language from an early age. So that it becomes a native language indeed.

Learn from children through games.
Educational games, board games and other memory games are perfect for studying math from childhood.

What about mathematics? Let’s say math teachers say much the same thing. A study carried out by Professor Michelle Mazzoco from the University of Minnesota (USA), estimates that children who are not yet old enough to go to school can acquire mathematical notions. Like geometry and symmetry for example. But the parents’ own blocks can prevent the child from progressing.

When it comes time to go to primary school, it is particularly interesting to use interactive games to help children advance in mathematics : educational memory games, logic games, online coloring on game sites, party games, cards, strategy, action, stimulation, construction, clay, science games, mental math …

But are all children capable of learning mathematics then? We all have an innate desire to discover. An instinctive desire to learn. With a positive attitude from the math teacher and parents, a taste for math can be stimulated .

And to complement the teaching of the educational system and the teacher, why not resort to private classes? The home math teacher can then instill new notions in your child: fraction, probability, geometry (circle, right triangle, square, angle), mental math, decimal numbers, algebra, equation, multiplication, division, addition, math exercises , vocabulary comprehension …

All children are able to learn math !

Private classes are a good alternative to the math academy . What are you waiting to take your first class? All children are capable of learning mathematics

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