Mathematics can increase your potential for seduction

Mathematics can increase your potential for seduction

Math skills are sexy.
Can we increase our potential for seduction thanks to fractions, probabilities and other theories of relativity?

Let’s finally move on to the other great subject that turns heads: love. ¿ What would you say to learn math to seduce ?

Is there a magic formula and figures to flirt?

Let us first take the case of the work Love and Mathematics , written by the mathematician Edward Frenkel. Its objective? Show mathematics in a different way showing a certain poetry, a dazzling beauty, a delicacy of thought and elegance in the elaboration of theorems.

In this case, it is an autobiography of this lover of mathematics, as well as a philosophical and theoretical reflection on mathematics. Another curious, research professor at the University of Iowa, has studied the question: seduce with mathematics. In this case, however, we are talking about an online seduction.

The method is based on the tastes of each one, the attractiveness and the lack of attractiveness. A method that gives a 40% chance to seduce more!

Very important today when 1 marriage in 4 comes from US dating sites.

Also, do you know the importance of the number 5? Researchers have determined that from the 5th couple, a person is predisposed to committing. Because it is well known, among other things. Mathematics can increase your potential for seduction

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