Five myths or preconceptions about mathematics

Five myths or preconceptions about mathematics

Surely you are one of those who thinks that you either love math or hate it. This may be due to the boring methods used to teach mathematics from an early age.

Boring methods of learning math.
Math exercise book, pencil, eraser and calculator. Boring, right?

Like this idea, there are other preconceived ideas or myths about the discipline of mathematics . Let’s see what they are.

You can’t be brilliant at math if you don’t have the ability. Fake. It does not mean that those students who do not understand a math exercise the first time cannot be good at math. With greater effort and dedication, they will be able to reach the most skilled.

Mathematics is useless . Fake. Mathematics is used in different disciplines such as medicine, engineering, tourism, etc. and of course! In day to day. You must have had to calculate a discount in the supermarket to find out the price of a product.

Math lovers are boring . Fake. It is true that math requires a lot of work and perseverance, but that does not prevent you from enjoying free time and leisure. Therefore, mathematics should not always be associated with less social people.

Mathematics and art have nothing to do with each other . Fake. We have seen it in the previous section. There are wonderful examples where both disciplines come together resulting in impressive creations. In addition, it must be remembered that classical painting used mathematics in its paintings.

Girls are worse at math . Fake. An example? Marie Curie, a Polish physicist and chemist, was the first woman to receive the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the discovery of radium and polonium, and the only one to have received two of these awards in her career as a scientist. This false belief that science studies are intended for boys because they are better is completely false. So girls, don’t underestimate your ability! You can go as far as you want!

Have you already changed your opinion about mathematics?

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