Seven examples of art brought to mathematics

Seven examples of art brought to mathematics

Mathematics is present in our day to day. Vectors, functions, the cycle of the seasons … Everything is connected. And not only the numbers surround us, but also the more artistic side of the mates. And it is that harmony and mathematics marry perfectly. One cannot be understood without the other.

Superprof wants to show you 7 wonderful examples of the art in mathematics .

Let’s start with the Snow Art . Simon Beck is the author of numerous works made in the Alps using only his knowledge of Mathematics and snow as a material. During an even more intense day of work, create true wonders in nature.

Second example: The intertwined motifs.

One of the best known authors is the Iranian Hamid Naderi Yeganeh. Thanks to new technologies, dimensions and frames, this computer scientist by profession has created impressive works that have been published in the Huffington Post or CNN Style.

Fractals are another example of the balance that exists between math and art. But what exactly are fractals? Well, they are geometric structures that have the property that their appearance and statistical distribution do not change whatever the scale with which they are observed. Liz Blankenship and Dr. Daniel Ashlo discuss the “Algorithmic Taxonomy of Fractals.”

Mathematics and art, two in one.
Il Duomo, in Florence, is one of the examples where mathematics and art come together creating perfection.

Isometry and 3D . It’s about using the infinitely small and nanometers to provide the public with three-dimensional isometric copies of real objects. Or, rather, some details.

3D mathematical models . According to Australian professor and mathematician Henry Segerman, words allow storytelling, but with mathematical vocabulary and ideas you can create art. Polyhedra, quintessence, puzzles, areas, stereographic projections and other polytopes in four dimensions.

We come to mathematized art . The founder of this trend was Kerry Mitchell, an engineer at NASA, who gives a radical turn to current modern art using the sequence of data, the reproduction of forms and the representation of concrete objects.

And finally, the fractal: Farbegé’s version . Fabergé eggs, a Russian jeweler, are internationally recognized. British physicist Tom Beddard has put 3D at the service of Fabergé 3.0 egg design where details are always more precise and complex.

As you can see, mathematics is not limited to trigonometry or theorems, there is much more behind this discipline.

Also discover elementary mathematics. Seven examples of art brought to mathematics

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